Season of giving

Children participating in the annual Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation Winter Wonderland had the opportunity to take photos with Santa.
An estimated 200 children and 96 parents participated in the Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation Winter Wonderland event at Snapfinger Elementary School Dec. 16.
Rita Howey speaks to a group of children during the annual Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation Winter Wonderland event.

Nonprofit gives back to local community

More than 200 children at Snapfinger Elementary School received an extra gift in their stockings for the holidays thanks to nonprofit organization Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation.

The foundation provided activities and gifts for students at Snapfinger for the organization’s annual Winter Wonderland celebration.

Founded by Brenda Jackson, Norma Washington and Goldie Evans-Upshaw. The group of women founded the organization is a way to honor their deceased mothers (Dorothy Lowe, Norma Washington Howey and Annie Hudson), who according to the daughters, had a passion for giving back to the community.

“We choose this school because it’s a Title I school which means 100 percent of the children are on free or reduced lunch. That indicates to us that there’s a deficit at home. Our goal is to increase the education and give them an opportunity to have some fun,” said Rita Howey.

Howey, a younger daughter of Norma Washington Howey, said she believes her mother is proud of the organization’s accomplishments.

“I know she’s looking down saying, ‘that girl is doing exactly what I thought she would do, follow in my footsteps,’” Howey said. “I just want people to pour out their hearts, not just around the holidays but all the time because there is a great need for these children to see that others care for them.”

Along with children playing games such as Twister, Bingo and hula hoop, participants of the event also had an opportunity to meet Santa.

“This is just to give them a sense of love and understanding during this time,” Howey said. “It warms our heart to do this. Our organization thrives on seven initiatives and this is one of them. We want to go into the public and see how we can benefit them socially, emotionally and helping them financially.”

The organization receives donations from Toys for Tots to provide gift bags for the children.

During the Winter Wonderland event, each child received an “age-appropriate” toy box and goodie bag. The organization has provided communities with toys during the holidays through its Winter Wonderland celebration since 2004.

Henry Moon, a lifelong DeKalb County resident and local activist, said the event was well received.

“You can see it on the faces of some of these kids,” Moon said. “It brings me back to when I was their age.

his is the time of the year when kids should be happy and enjoy life.”

The co-founders of the organization said their mothers would be proud of the work they are doing in the community.

Each year the Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation provides a scholarship to a local student who demonstrates a willingness to give back to the community.


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