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Sneiderman perjury trial begins



Prosecutors opened their case Aug. 5 by accusing Andrea Sneiderman of deliberately withholding information from Dunwoody police about the 2010 shooting death of her husband Rusty Sneiderman.

Sneiderman is charged with four perjury counts, seven counts of making false statements and one count each of hindering the apprehension of a criminal and concealment of material facts in connection with the death of her husband.

Prior to dropping the murder and aggravated assault charges, prosecutors alleged Sneiderman and her former boss Hemy Neuman plotted to kill her husband. Prosecutors allege she was having an affair with Neuman, who later confessed to the murder and is now serving life in prison without parole.

“Other than the shooter, there was one other person who knew why Hemy Neuman wanted Rusty Sneiderman dead and the evidence will show that this person is sitting right at that table,” Chief Assistant District Attorney Kellie Hill said during opening statements.

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Hill accused Sneiderman of trying to conceal from investigators the nature of her relationship with Neuman and her suspicions about his involvement in her husband’s murder.

“The evidence will show…that she lied throughout the investigation and throughout the trial of her husband’s murderer,” Hill said.

Prosecutors allege that Sneiderman and Neuman took trips together and that at one point, Neuman expressed his love for her, asking her to consider marrying him.

“Seven months into this job, seventh months into this relationship with Hemy Neuman, her husband was shot to death,” Hill said.


Defense attorney Thomas Clegg said the death of Rusty Sneidermasn was only “tangential” to the case.

“She did absolutely nothing whatsoever to impede the investigation of this case. She ain’t on trial for murder folks, let’s make sure we understand that,” Clegg said.

Prosecutors originally charged Sneiderman with one count of murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in addition to the 11 other charges. However, those charges were dropped July 26.

District Attorney Robert James said after receiving the evidence the defense planned to present during the trial, the prosecution team began reevaluating the charges against Sneiderman.“We went back and re-interviewed most of our witnesses in this case,” James said.

“I’m not making a public statement exonerating anyone, what I’m saying is I am not sure, and because I’m not sure as to counts 1, 2 and 3, it’s time for the state to make a motion on these counts,” James said at the time. Clegg said it was Sneiderman who first gave investigators Neuman’s name and his possible motive for murder.

“We expect that the state of Georgia is going to ask you to draw an inference or conclusion that Andrea Sneiderman had a romantic relationship with Hemy Neuman,” Clegg said. “They will suggest that you can interpret evidence in a certain way and that when you do so, you can arrive at the conclusion that she must have been untruthful.”

With the exception of one charge in which Sneiderman is accused of deleting call records from her cellphone, Clegg said many of the charges are “subjective.”

“There is going to be nothing—nothing in this case that will satisfy your minds beyond a reasonable doubt that this woman has done anything to impede this investigation,” Clegg said.

Witnesses expected to be called in the case include Sneiderman’s former best friend Shayna Citron and a real estate agent and friend of Neuman’s whom prosecutors say Neuman confided in about his and Sneiderman’s relationship.

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