Stonecrest voters decide council seats

Registered Stonecrest voters get ready to cast their ballots in the April 18 runoff election.

The new city of Stonecrest now has a complete roster of elected officials after voters decided who would represent them in city council seats 2, 4 and 5, as Rob Turner, George Turner and Diane Adoma won their runoff elections.

 More than 3,700 people voted in the Stonecrest runoff election on April 18, representing an 18 percent voter turnout across 13 precincts.

 Council seat 4, won by George Turner, was a highly-contested race. His opponent, Mary-Pat Hector was defeated by just 22 votes.

 Rob Turner, George Turner and Adoma will join Jimmy Clanton and Jazzmin Cobble—who were elected to city council seats in Marchon the city council.

 Stonecrest resident Gladys Ali said she’s cautiously optimistic about the new city government.

 “I do have my reservations depending upon what the elected officials do with their new power,” Ali said. “We won’t know until this gets off the ground and starts going.”

 Rob Turner, who co-founded the Augustine Preparatory Academy of Atlanta, served as the school’s chancellor for nine years. He’s also the program operations manager for the Georgia Department of Labor.


 Adoma, who lost in her bid for the DeKalb County District 7 seat, defeated Tammy Grimes with 54 percent of the vote in the April 18 runoff election. In a previous interview with The Champion, Adoma said she wants to turn Stonecrest into the next big technology hub of the south.

 George Turner, a retired MARTA official, is currently President of DeKalb County District 5 Community Council.

 “I’m really not sure why they made [Stonecrest] a city, but I’m here to vote anyway,” said Ben Huntley Jr. “I don’t know how all this will work out, but I got up to vote.”

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