Technician calculates how to make a perfect fit


He may be a bowler’s best friend.

Paul Summons understands the intricacies and mechanics of what helps bowlers to meet their marks.

Summons is a technical ball fitter and driller, which means he determines where the holes go on a new bowling ball to custom fit to a bowler’s hand.

Summons is with Striking Results Pro Shop, which operates out of Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center on Mountain Industrial Boulevard in Stone Mountain as well as six other Stars and Strikes metro Atlanta locations. However, understanding where to drill and ensuring a good fit requires more than just knowing how to operate the drill. Summons said his job is to “measure the hand and try to make the bowling ball fit like a glove.”

He first looks at the bowling hand of the client to ascertain the size and shape of the fingers, determines if there are any physical considerations such as arthritis, then places the hand on a fitting ball, makes measurements down to 1/64th of an inch and marks the ball with a pencil. Next the drilling begins.

Summons said a good fit helps to avoid wrist and arm injuries as well as aiding a bowler in controlling the ball. 

He said his clients fall into two categories: serious bowlers who know how they want the ball to react and want it drilled to perform in that way and more casual bowlers who are generally looking for a fit that will be comfortable.

“You really have to know the technical aspects of measuring somebody’s hand,” he said.

He’s been drilling balls for 13 years and said he gets tremendous satisfaction when he drills a ball for clients, the fit is exactly what they need and they come back and tell him they’ve bowled their highest game ever.

“I have a passion doing what I do,” he said.

Summons had been hanging around a pro shop in Dallas when the owner asked if he was interested in learning how to drill bowling balls.

“And the rest is history,” he said.

Summons is no slouch when it comes to connecting the ball with the pins. He’s been bowling since he was 10, even bowled competitively since his days in the Navy. He said he averaged 219 before a shoulder injury put him on the sidelines more than two years ago.

In addition to fitting balls, Striking Results also sells balls, bags and shoes as well as offering services such as resizing, polishing and resurfacing bowling balls.

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