Three DeKalb cities among 50 safest in Georgia

The City of Clarkston is one of three cities in DeKalb that made’s list of the 50 safest cities in Georgia. SafeWise stated that Clarkston promotes outdoor activities, including its new renovation of Milam Park. Photo by Carla Parker


The city of Decatur may have had a slight increase in crime in 2013, but the city is still one of the safest in Georgia.

Decatur, Doraville and Clarkston made list of the 50 safest cities in Georgia with populations of 5,000 or more as of 2012. Decatur led the trio at No. 38, with Doraville right behind them at No. 39. Clarkston was ranked No. 44.

SafeWise is a website that gives advice and information on home security and safety. According to SafeWise, they accumulated the list by combining their research with most recent FBI Crime in the U.S. Report.

The city of Decatur has continuously been in the news the past year with the number of robberies and burglaries that have been occurring in the city. It may seem like Decatur has had a large increase in crime, but according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Part 1 report–which calculates the most dangerous crimes–Decatur only had three more robberies in 2013 (28) than in 2012.

There were 127 burglaries in 2013 compared to the 92 that occurred in 2012. Decatur Police Chief Mike Booker said he is proud that the city was named one of the 50 safest cities in Georgia.

“Our officers and staff work incredibly hard to prevent crime and to address the crime that does occur,” Booker said. “This success is the result of a collaborative effort that includes our officers, employees from other city departments and community members, all working together.”

SafeWise security analyst Carolyn Heneghan said Decatur can be a great place to call home “no matter what stage your family or life might be in.”

“Decatur keeps its events calendar packed with activities for residents of all ages, including such programming as aerobic seniors, aerobic dance, ageless grace, yoga, and needlework, to name a few,” Heneghan said. “For more ways to keep busy, the city offers numerous volunteering opportunities to support the local community, including neighborhood cleanup campaigns, advocacy for the elderly and disabled, and more.”

According to Heneghan, Doraville had low crime statistics in 2012 with 19 reported robberies and 12 reported aggravated assaults. They described Doraville as a vibrant city that “perfect for the active family.”

“Doraville continues to thrive and supports a growing and diverse population of the Atlanta metropolitan area while maintaining a small-town charm that does wonders for its residents,” Heneghan said. “This close-knit community offers a wide range of activities that build teamwork and camaraderie among its participants, particularly the youth.”

Doraville, Shawn Gillen said the city is excited to be named one of the 50 safest cities in Georgia.

“We will continue to work to improve public safety in our city,” Gillen said. “I am very proud of our police department and the hard work they have done.”

Heneghan also acknowledged that Doraville sponsors safety and crime prevention programs such as auto theft prevention, con and fraud prevention, a crime prevention checklist for businesses, and home safety.

According to Heneghan, Clarkston provides the “peace and quiet that people love about small towns just outside of major cities,” which led to its No. 44 ranking.

“The city also promotes outdoor activities, including its renovation of Milam Park, which is now equipped with all new playground equipment, bike paths, a dog park, a new swimming pool complex, an ADA walking trail, and a Wildlife Nature Preserve and Twin Lakes with fishing that is open to the public,” Heneghan said. “Clarkston has everything you could ever love about a tight-knit, community-driven small town all wrapped up in one rich, entertaining package.”

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry said this acknowledgment by SafeWise reflects that the city’s policing and safety initiatives are working.

“I am inspired by the level of commitment and dedication our Chief and police officers show in serving our diverse community,” Terry said.

“This agency is committed to being an integral part of this community and we will provide each and every person who resides in or visits our city with the highest standard of professional and competent law enforcement services,” Clarkston Police Chief Christine Hudson said.



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