Tucker code enforcement to clean up election signs



With the 6th Congressional District election no being history, Tucker code enforcement officers will assist in removing campaign signs from the city rights-of-way.

Although only part of the Tucker is in the district, campaign signs for Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff were placed throughout the city, with many signs posted illegally in rights-of-way, according to city officials.

“We conduct weekly sweeps to remove signs that have been posted illegally in the right-of-way,” Tucker Code Enforcement Manager William Wharton said. “Having seen the interest in this particular race, we know we’ll have our work cut out for us as we head out for the sign sweep today.”

City officials said Wharton and code enforcement officer James Duncan will look for campaign and other signs that are posted alongside roads in a way that obstructs sidewalks or signs that are attached to utility poles.

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