Tucker mayor speaks on strong community in state of city address


The past year for Tucker has been a year of fundamentals and foundation-building, according to Mayor Frank Auman.

 Auman gave the first state of the city address for Tucker May 12 at the new city hall annex. Auman mentioned everything the city accomplished in a year, including moving into the city hall on Adrian Street and the city hall annex on 1st street. The city also got a bank account, formed committees and boards and more.

Auman said he, along with the city council and staff, are now looking toward the future and want to create a city where people can live, work, play and pray.

 “I want anyone who is attracted to the lifestyle, the sense of community that we have here and be able to find a place where they can make home,” he said. “Whether that’s in an apartment, a townhome or condominium, a two-bedroom bungalow or a six-bedroom estate with its own swimming pool or tennis court—whatever it is. I want them to be able to stay in Tucker as their needs change—whether it’s a growing family or they’re downsizing to an empty nest.”

 Auman said the city loves and appreciates the role that small and big businesses play in the community and city officials remind them of that every day.

 “When they’re employees want to live in the communities where they work, [the businesses] gives them the ability to do that,” he said. “We can make sure that their expansions go smoothly, that the permitting is reasonable and that their taxes are fair and simple. We can ensure that the city has the fastest and most reliable internet service anywhere so that we can attract high-tech businesses, healthcare businesses and other modern businesses of the future.”



 Auman said having great internet service in the city could also attract those who work from home. It also attracts the large and growing group who works from home or telecommute.

 “When they can [work from home] they can eat lunch locally, they can get to their kid’s ballgame or swim meet, join the PTA or other hundreds of volunteer opportunities around town and they still get to connect with their neighbors instead of sitting in traffic,” he said. “That’s where we’re going to go when we talk about work in Tucker and why that’s so important.”

 The city is also in the process of taking over the parks and recreation centers in the city from DeKalb County. Auman said city officials want to offer a park system that includes a variety of opportunities for recreation in locations that are convenient and safe.

 “If we can do those things we’ll have a great park system,” he said.

 Auman said the city will also value, appreciate and nurture the contributions of all the communities of faith in Tucker.

 “As long as you’re preaching and teaching to love your neighbor, care for the least among us and you want to contribute to the success of society in which you live you are welcomed, you are respected and you’re held in high regard here,” he said.

 “As we go forward, we’re certainly argue over zoning, we’re going to argue over where sidewalks should go, we’re going to argue over which parks project should go ahead of the others, but if we focus on these ideals and pillars of a strong community—working together to build, nourish and sustain them—we’ll have a city where our citizens can live their whole life,” Auman said.

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