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After 17 years in the metropolitan area, Atlanta board-certified pediatrician Dr. Raymond J. Deeb has expanded his Briarcliff Pediatrics practice by adding a second board certified pediatrician, Dr. Ashley N. Brown.

Deeb said he was introduced to Brown by a professional associate. “I actually already had been thinking about expanding the practice because so many patients and families have wanted to join. Then, out of the blue, I received a phone call from my former boss in Alabama, asking if I was looking for another physician to join the practice. [Dr. Brown and I] met and immediately felt like this would be a great match,” Deeb recalled.

A native of Luverne, Ala., Brown is a graduate the University of Alabama School of Medicine and has subspecialty training in pediatric critical care medicine and extensive experience treating critically ill children, according to Deeb.

“We work really well together and try to make sure that we both see all the children for well child check-ups and for sick visits. However, if a patient or family truly has a preference or a special bond with one physician, then we can definitely accommodate them. A child needs regular well child check-ups beginning at the very first week of their life. We administer the necessary vaccines to prevent life threatening illness at all of these visits. In addition, we make it a point to offer same-day sick appointments every day, so that a parent gets immediate help for fever, headache, stomach ache, sore throat, or any other complaint a child may have,” Deeb said.

“Even though there are a lot of difficult challenges in working with children, they are more than outweighed by the rewards,” he continued. “We love it when we can help prevent serious complications or even death by accurately diagnosing and treating a child’s illness. When we can catch something acute like appendicitis or a blood infection and save a child’s life it is the most amazing feeling in the world.”

Deeb said he initially chose Tucker as the location for his office “because there was a need for an excellent pediatrician in the area, and because it is a thriving and vibrant community with many new and diverse families moving into the area.

Even though we see many families from the Tucker area, we also have many families who drive as much as 45 minutes one way because they love our staff, physicians, and the practice.”

He said Briarcliff Pediatrics is involved in the community, especially the school system, noting that Briarcliff Pediatrics recently sponsored Henderson Mill Elementary School’s STEAM program and Livsey Elementary School’s 5K color run.
In addition to expanding the number of providers, Deeb has refurbished the Briarcliff Pediatrics office to create what he describes as “a cheerful and comforting environment.” The examination rooms and other areas now have colorful murals, he said. The new décor also includes photographs that Deeb took while traveling around the world.

“I chose this décor because I wanted to emphasize the value of a diverse and multicultural world,” Deeb said. “I wanted to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, where the highest quality medical care can be administered to all children.

“The environment at a doctor’s office always makes a difference, but it is especially important when treating children. A strange environment can be scary for kids and making it colorful and fun makes a huge difference,” he continued.

“One room features safari animals, another has dinosaurs, and a third is an illustration of Cinderella and her castle room. We can sometimes use these murals to help distract children who are fearful or anxious by getting them to focus on the colorful details. Our office also has pictures of children from all over the world representing the diversity of children who are patients at Briarcliff Pediatrics.”

Deeb said he strives to provide personalized, one-on-one attention while minimizing the time parents and children wait before seeing a doctor. “Our wait times to see the doctor are usually less than 10 minutes. We respect our parents and patients’ time and their needs in a hectic life with kids, so we try to make their visit a great experience by limiting the amount of time they might wait to be seen.”

Briarcliff Pediatrics also recently launched a newly redesigned website that Deeb called “amazing.”

“Children get sick at all hours of the day and night, so we believe that it is extremely important to give our parents easy access to the best information at all times. We made sure that our new site was compatible with all mobile devices, so the new generation of moms and dads can reach Briarcliff Pediatrics from their smart phones just by tapping on our number,” he said. “Because we sincerely believe in patient education, our website will also feature regular blog articles about important topics for parents, so that they can learn more about pediatric medicine and about their children’s health needs.”

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