Blended beverage store owner expects smooth sailing

The new shop is near the Decatur square and several schools and offices.

Smoothies, although a popular current food choice, aren’t a fad, according to Deidra Evans, owner of a Smoothie King store that opened recently in downtown Decatur. “Smoothies have been around for more than 40 years,” Evans said, noting that Steve Kuhnau, founder of Smoothie King, opened the first smoothie bar in New Orleans in 1973. […]

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OPINION: How to kill a bear


“When killing a bear with only your hands you must follow some steps. First, you have to find a bear.” I recently ran across this gem on the Internet titled How to kill a bear, by Rutger Moore of Murfreesboro,Tenn. It reminded me of my real life bear-in-the-wild story. It was several years ago on […]

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County’s boil water advisory still in effect


DeKalb County’s precautionary boil water advisory that was issued countywide on Saturday, July 25, is still in effect. DeKalb Watershed Management sampled 20 water sites on Friday, July 24, and water 40 sites Saturday, July 25, which all showed negative for bacteria. Fifty water sites were sampled on Sunday, July 26, and those results are expected […]

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County commissioners approve midyear budget changes

County officials discuss proposed midyear budget changes during a retreat. Photos by Andrew Cauthen.

DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James asked county commissioners to restore approximately $200,000 in funding for four public integrity unit jobs. James wants funding for two attorneys, an investigator and a paralegal for the unit that investigates allegations of wrongdoing by elected and appointed officials. The positions had been approved by commissioners in 2014, but […]

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OPINION: History must not be forgotten

opinion john

Since the Charleston shootings, there has been much debate regarding the so-called Confederate flag and seemingly all things that represent what most of us would collectively refer to as a dark period of American history—the Civil War. On the heels of South Carolina removing the “Confederate” flag from the grounds of the state capitol, Atlanta […]

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County under boil water advisory


 DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management crews continue to work on a repair to a breach on a 48-inch main transmission line at Henderson Mill and Evans Road.      Although water pressure in the water system is near normal conditions, a breach remains, and repairs still must be made to the line at this […]

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Pine Lake’s dilemma: Two rs or one

Pine Lake residents are wondering whether a street was named for a Ku Klux Klan leader. Photo by Andrew Cauthen.

It all comes down to an r. In Pine Lake, there is a petition to change the name of a street from Forrest Road to Forest Road. With two rs, the road could refer to Nathan Bedford Forrest, who served as a Confederate lieutenant general during the Civil War. After the war, Forrest is “best […]

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Monthly arts celebration draws diverse performers

Spoken word artist Bethsheba Rem, known professionally as Queen Sheba, hosts the monthly celebration of the arts.

When librarian Stephen Thomas’ nephew asked him for ideas for an “it’s cool to be smart” project, Thomas considered what would be educational, yet fun and exciting. “I am a student of history so I thought about the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s when Black people were expressing themselves in art, literature and music. I […]

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