35 years of MARTA History

OPINION: Receivership: Repeat it softly


  Emerging from the ruins of one of America’s greatest industrial empires is a leaner and hopefully cleaner Detroit. Finalizing its reorganization from Chapter 9 bankruptcy under the supervision of federal bankruptcy court, the Motor City has been on the racks being fine-tuned and having its motor and transmission rebuilt over the past 18 months by […]

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OPINION: Fleecing the Pony


After years of litigation and untold thousands of dollars in legal and court fees, the city of Brookhaven and the fairly famous Pink Pony adult entertainment club have finally reached a settlement that will allow Pink Pony to remain open for six years. The Pink Pony has been in the same location for more than […]

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Passion is at the heart of OnStage Atlanta

Barbara Cole Uterhardt, artistic company manager for OnStage Atlanta, and Barry West, managing director, on the set of the recently staged The Sugar Bean Sisters. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

  As the workday winds down for most people, things are just starting to come alive in an office building-turned-theater on East Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur. Downstairs volunteers are decorating the lobby in preparation of a playwright’s visit to one of their shows. Upstairs three actors are working on their lines and blocking […]

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Failed South DeKalb project could become a resort

Panola Slope Resort Entertainment 2

With much pomp and circumstance in 2012, developers and county officials announced a new mixed-use development in South DeKalb that was to be the catalyst for revitalization. Panola Slopes, a Covington Highway development, was supposed to consist of 22 brownstones and 15 retail locations on the ground floor. “South DeKalb isn’t really enjoying the same […]

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Decatur Police release first quarter data of police-initiated stops


Decatur police stop more non-Whites and non-residents, according to a new report. The department released its first data Nov. 7 since it began tracking the demographics of persons stopped by the police on Aug. 1. The first quarterly report showed that 1,041 Blacks and 166 of other races were stopped from Aug. 1 to Oct. […]

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County must act soon to save millions

The Little Creek Horse Farm in Decatur was one of the beneficiaries of proceeds from a parks bond. Photo by Andrew Cauthen

The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners deferred a vote on a plan the interim CEO said will save the county millions of dollars and finish a laundry list of transportation, parks and library projects. The administration of interim CEO Lee May is proposing to refund the 2006 special transportation, parks and greenspace and libraries tax […]

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Brookhaven, Pink Pony reach agreement

Brookhaven and Pink Pony agreed on a six-year “exit transition agreement” in which Pink Pony pays a $225,000 annual fee to the city.

Pink Pony will continue to operate in Brookhaven, but at a cost. The Brookhaven City Council voted 3-1 to approve an “Exit Transition Agreement” with the adult entertainment club Nov. 4. Councilwoman Rebecca Chase Williams was the lone vote against the agreement. “There are many complexities the city of Brookhaven inherited with the Pink Pony, […]

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Vacant building reduced to rubble

The old Executive Park building’s last moments were marked by hundreds who watched it implode.

Hundreds gathered early Nov. 8 for a rare opportunity to watch a building implode. Located at I-85 and North Druid Hills Road, the 19-story Executive Park Hotel was owned by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It was reduced to rubble shortly after 7 a.m. Onlookers counted down from 10 to 1 and after a brief silence, […]

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