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Judge rules strippers are employees

A U.S. District Court judge recently sided with dancers employed at the DeKalb County strip club Pin Ups and said they deserve the same benefits as all businesses employees. Photo by Daniel Beauregard

A U.S. District judge ruled that the management of DeKalb County strip club Pin Ups must classify its dancers as employees, rather than general contractors, because of the essential services they provide. Judge Thomas Thrash said in a 13-page opinion released Dec. 31 that it was clear under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) that […]

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Students learn comedy acting during holiday break

Sydney Davis, 10, and Tyla Harris, 13

After the Christmas gifts had been unwrapped and before school restarted, a group of young people worked on their acting skills. “It’s really fun,” said Tyla Harris, 13, one of approximately 20 students who attended the Holiday Intensive held by BlackTop Circus Improv, a Black improvisational comedy troupe. “We get to do lots of stuff […]

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Burmese refugee is part pastor, part social worker

Aung Matu, pastor of the Atlanta Matupi Community Church, came to DeKalb County to help his fellow Burmese. Photo by Andrew Cauthen

In 2006, the family and church of Aung Matu, asked him to never return to his home country of Burma. Now 56, Matu came to America for the first time in 1995 for three years. “The first time I was here to study the word of God for education.” Back in Burma, he was the […]

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Volunteers sought for Alzheimer’s arts program

Working on art projects can be stimulating and rewarding for persons struggling with memory loss, according to experts. Photos by Jerry Siegel

For the past four years Tania Becker has witnessed how a little paint and pencil can bring joy into the lives of people with failing memories. As founding director of Arts 4 Alzheimer’s, Becker brings together people in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease with art educators who gently guide them to create […]

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Dunwoody continues to address stormwater needs

Dunwoody Public Works Department spent the past year repairing or replacing damaged stormwater pipes. The city used a remote camera, above left, to survey damaged stormwater pipes in the area to determine the need for repair or replacement.

Dunwoody Public Works Department completed more than 40 projects in 2013 that address the city’s stormwater needs and the city plans to continue its efforts at infrastructure maintenance and upgrades in 2014. An inventory of every pipe, structure and drain in the city revealed that the average age of the 131 miles of pipe and […]

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Army reservist allegedly shot by teen in Kirkwood

kirkwood photo by Travis Hudgons

A man and a teenager have been arrested and are being held without bond for their alleged roles in shooting an unarmed Army reservist in Kirkwood Dec. 26. Xavier Arnold, 21, was shot in the head during an attempted robbery by two men as he and his girlfriend walked on a bike trial in Kirkwood. […]

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Fitness instructor uses system that helped him

Joanna Reed, left, demonstrates the Teaser, which is a very challenging original pilates exercise that involves abdominal strength, core strength, balance and coordination. Photos by Travis Hudgons

  Alan Reed said he’s been physically active all his life—and in many ways his interest in physical activity has been a guiding force. When he decided to study to become a massage therapist, he found more than a new career—he found a wife. He married his teacher and the couple started a massage therapy […]

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White-collar criminals prey on vulnerable and unsuspecting

Assistant Chief District Attorney Jeanne Canavan said white-collar criminals take advantage of the most trusting and kind members of society.

By the time authorities figured out Leonard Stewart was the victim of a conman, he had already turned over the deed to his house, car title and most of his other assets to a man and his alleged “niece.” Nicholas Marks was arrested after bank employees thought something about him was strange, according to Deputy […]

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