Miller Grove defeats Druid Hills in region matchups

Druid Hills’ Desham During (4) flies to the basket. Photos by Mark Brock

The No. 1 ranked Miller Grove Wolverines jumped out to a 16-0 lead in the 80-29 victory over the Druid Hills Red Devils to complete the Region 6-4A sweep at Druid Hills Jan. 9. Lamont West scored the first seven points of the game and added a three-pointer in the 16-0 run to open the […]

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Couple earns dough with specialty breads

Ralston with rosca de reyes.jpg1

As Three Kings Day (Jan. 6) approached, La Calavera Bakery in Decatur was ready with loaves of rosca de reyes (kings’ ring). Commemorating the day on which the wise men visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem, Three King’s Day is traditionally celebrated in Mexico and other countries with sweet circular bread loaves with a figurine […]

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Opinion crane

“Our ability to provide needed improvements in educational spending will not hinge on extracting a larger tax bite from our hard-working citizens. We can and will do what is necessary by living within our means.” –Georgia Gov. Joe Frank Harris, during remarks to the Governor’s Education Review Commission, Nov. 12, 1984. First, let’s get one important […]

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Caring for creatures great and small

Marjan Ghadrdan, AWARE’s wildlife care supervisor, holds an opossum recovering from metabolic bone disease. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

Kind hearts are both an incredible help and immense hindrance for Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort, Inc. (AWARE). The Lithonia-based nonprofit organization has 75 volunteers who help and rehabilitate injured wildlife. Last year, they cared for 1,800 animals and responded to some 10,000 phone calls and emails with advice and assistance. However human kindness also […]

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DeKalb CSB: providing resources for mental illnesses

Dr. Joseph Bona, chief medical officer of the Community Service Board. Photo provided

If a person has chest pains, diabetes, asthma or influenza, he or she will usually get treatment for these physical illnesses to prevent further harm or death. However, too often the same action does not apply to mental illnesses. The stigma surrounding mental illness prevents many people, who suspect they have a mental illness, from […]

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OPINION: South DeKalb isn’t the ghetto


“You’re talking about a paradise in the ghetto.” That’s how south DeKalb resident Joel Edwards described a plan by a developer to build a 10-acre resort on Covington Highway. On Dec. 16, 2014, DeKalb County commissioners approved a rezoning request by developers of Panola Slope Resort, a proposed resort that will include an upscale seafood […]

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County police department commemorates centennial

New badges have been distributed to DeKalb County Police officers to commemorate the department’s centennial. Photo by Andrew Cauthen

Residents of the Tucker community wanted police protection, so they pressured the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners to provide it. That was 1915 and the beginning of the DeKalb County Police Department. This year the department is celebrating its centennial. On Dec. 29, 2014, DeKalb police officers received centennial anniversary commemorative badges, while civilian employees […]

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Center wants to be a community resource

The Community Achievement Center in south DeKalb was formed by two Greek organizations. Photo by Andrew Cauthen

In the early 2000s, two local nonprofit organizations were independently looking for a place to host community service events. The Delta Life Development Center Inc., established in 1998, works with at-risk students; provides assistance and support to the federal Teenage Mothers Nutrition Program and Expanded Food and Nutrition Program; and partners with the Decatur Alumnae […]

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