Clarkston adopts alcohol ordinance


Following a six-month ban on the issuance of licenses, several public meetings and input from the community, Clarkston City Council adopted an ordinance with strict laws on alcohol sales. On Dec. 6, the council adopted an amended ordinance mandating packaged alcohol only be sold at growler shops, specialty wine shops and grocery stores. It also […]

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Fourth time’s a charm for Gregory Adams


The road to becoming an elected official with DeKalb County government hasn’t been an easy one for newly-elected District 7 Commissioner Gregory Adams. After three attempts at various positions throughout the county, Adams defeated Randal Mangham in a Dec. 6 runoff election receiving 52 percent of the vote. Just 303 votes separated Adams and Mangham. […]

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What’s next for Brannon Hill condos

Recently, DeKalb County officials were given authority by Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams to clean up the property if owners of destroyed or fire-damaged buildings in Brannon Hill Condominiums are not compliant within a 60-day period.

Brannon Hill Condominiums, littered with trash, graffiti and scorched building units, is a thorn in the side of DeKalb County, according to county officials. For nearly a decade, the county has worked to clean up the area on various occasions and cited owners for code enforcement infractions more than 30 times. Recently, DeKalb County officials […]

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Jason Lary to run for mayor of Stonecrest


The man who led the Stonecrest City Alliance has thrown his name in the hat to be the city’s first mayor. Jason Lary confirmed to The Champion that he will run for mayor for the new city of Stonecrest. “I decided to run for mayor to continue the total mission of the community desires of […]

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Lakeside High performs in Hawaii


Lakeside High School’s band, chorus and color guard recently returned from Honolulu, Hawaii, where they participated in commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks. More than 85 Lakeside High School students took part in a wreath-laying ceremony, a tribute concert at U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and U.S.S. Missouri Memorial as well as a one-mile […]

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OPINION: Being a sore loser is never attractive

Opinion crane

“I will do a recount in any state where the deadline has not passed. Help my staff find state deadline.” –Tweet by Green Party nominee Jill Stein, Nov. 26, 2016. Then GOP nominee Donald Trump rightfully received heaps of criticism from his own party, campaign opponents and the public following his third presidential debate comments […]

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Barnes Sutton: comments from Porter Road community ‘personal and absurd’


DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton said comments made by some residents of the Porter Road community were “personal and absurd” after residents claimed the commissioner wasn’t responding to their phone calls and emails. LDG Development, a company based in Kentucky, planned to build an 11-acre multi-family apartment complex in DeKalb County. The complex, a […]

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Mixed reactions to Burrell Ellis decision

Burrell Ellis recently had his conviction overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court.

For some DeKalb County residents, former DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis’ conviction being overturned by the Georgia Supreme Court was another blow to government accountability, while others believed it was a step in the right direction to justice for Ellis and his family. The Georgia Supreme Court announced its decision Nov. 30 and reversed a previous […]

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