35 years of MARTA History

Stone Mountain company makes items for fraternities, sororities

Husband and wife team Terrance and Cassandra Miller say their specialty item business may be the largest of its type in the world.

“Can you believe this all started as a hobby?” asked Terrance Miller, co-owner of Buffalo Dallas, a Stone Mountain company that produces specialty items for traditionally Black fraternities and sororities. The company now supplies wholesale and retail customers throughout the country and internationally. Buffalo Dallas was started by retired Army Major Dallas Miller, who initially […]

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OPINION: Changing directions


My family members were likely strictly Democratic voters for generations and I know most living members are to this day. Until this year, I too was strictly a straight-party Democrat voter but all of that has changed. With the ugliness of politics taking center stage on local television stations during newscasts and the non-stop barrage […]

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DeKalb candidates fail to take state executive positions


DeKalb residents running for state executive offices did not fare well in the Nov. 4 general election. According to results at The Champion’s press time, Sen. Jason Carter,of Decatur, a Democrat running against incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal lost the race 56 percent to 41 percent. In the lieutenant governor race, former DeKalb County commissioner […]

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Commission seat goes to runoff


The Nov. 4 general election ended with a DeKalb County seat still up for grabs. Voters in District 1 will have to go to the polls again to decide who will be the new county commissioner for the district. For the district 1 county commissioner seat, Holmes Pyles and Nancy Jester will head to a runoff. […]

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From butcher to TV chef

Jim Stacy, owner of Pallookaville in Avondale Estates, has created his own travel cooking show, Offbeat Eats with Jim Stacy, which premiered Oct. 17.

Since he was a child, Jim Stacy knew he was going to be a chef. Stacy comes from a family of cooks. “Everyone in our family cooked,” he said. “Someone in our family, kids‒wise, was going to end up cooking for a living, it was just a matter of whom. It somehow stuck with me.” […]

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OPINION: And you are part of the solution


Answers to some of the more recent Ebola prevention FAQs have been inconsistent. Facts are facts and our public health officials need to also admit what they don’t know. I share these thoughts, not to cause panic or fear, but to raise awareness and cause us all sufficient pause that we simply pay greater attention to detail […]

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Racing for home Pigeon racing alive and well

Mohommod Shabjahan has a passion for racing pigeons. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

Soaring over a neighborhood in southwest DeKalb County, a flock of birds majestically circle one way, then change direction and make loops around a home heading in the opposite direction. These are no ordinary birds. They are pigeons—specifically homing pigeons, and on this Wednesday afternoon they are on an exercise run. On the ground is […]

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Book festival offers something for everyone

Family Reading Festival 2

                    Authors from around the country will descend on Dunwoody for two weeks of meet and greets, conversations, panel discussions and even hands-on craft activities. The 23rd edition of the Book Festival of the MJCCA brings more than 40 authors to the Marcus Jewish Community Center […]

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