Decatur officers save life

Decatur officers Alejandro Santiago and Christopher Jameson pose outside the department’s headquarters. Photo by Horace Holloman

For Decatur police officers Christopher Jameson and Alejandro Santiago, the goal at the end of the day is simple—make it home to their families.On May 15 both officers not only accomplished that goal, but helped another man in need return home to his family as well. After responding to a nearby call toward the end […]

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Tucker Lions get free football gear

Tucker Lions get free football gear

The Tucker Lions youth football programs received some much-needed help before the start of the season. The North Atlanta Football League, in partnership with Born To Compete, donated more than 50 helmets and shoulder pads to the Tucker Lions. Alex Benson, co-founder of Born To Compete—a media website for youth sports—delivered the equipment to the […]

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Livin’ tiny comes to decatur in a festival

Livin' Tiny comes to Decatur in a festival

What would it be like to live in a 250- to 350-square-foot space as one’s permanent home? Will Johnston holds that it could be revolutionary. Johnson, a proponent of living small, said small spaces are a great housing alternative, saving people money and freeing them to be less encumbered by vast quantities of “stuff” and […]

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Ali continues to give back

Ali continues to give back

Rashan Ali has made a name for herself in the world of radio, television and entertainment. She became the social media Correspondent for NBA TV’s GameTime during the 2010-2013 NBA playoffs. In 2013, Ali joined CBS Sports Network as a sideline reporter for the college football season.  As Ali continues to rise in the ranks […]

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2016 Hyundai Elantra makes strong, favorable impression publicly


The 2016 Hyundai Elantra Limited isn’t the type of vehicle designed to be overly anything (powerful, sexy, etc.) but is attractive and performs admirably. Despite its lack of snazziness, it left me with a smile and happy heart.  That’s to say that this Elantra looks good on the outside and inside, has decent power under […]

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Exhibit highlights 100 years of civil rights history

Exhibit highlights 100 years of civil rights history

In 1863, the United States was a nation in crisis. The Civil War was raging with the fate of millions of people of African descent who lived within the nation’s borders at stake. A hundred years later many issues concerning the rights of Black Americans remained unsettled as racial segregation continued to be legal in […]

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DeKalb schools reluctantly partner with Dunbar

Dunbar is one of three armored car companies in the metro Atlanta region.

Higher standards requested from armored car service company On July 11, DeKalb County School District (DCSD) awarded a $290,000 contract to Dunbar, an armored car service characterized as having “challenges,” involving inaccurate money counts and forgotten pickups.The $290,000 will be taken from DCSD’s general fund account ($170,000) and school nutrition account ($120,000). Michael Bell, chief […]

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OPINION: Olympics highlight more than sports


Football season is just OK. I don’t have much interest in basketball, and I only occasionally get interested in baseball. Soccer and hockey mean nothing to me. Obviously I’m not a major sports fan. However, every couple of years I develop a rabid interest in athletics—swimming, track and field, gymnastics and more. Yes, I become […]

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