DeKalb Glass Recycling Program

Music, money flow into the community through church’s Music for Missions


Among the things dear to Jack Sartain’s heart are music and his church—especially the church’s missions program. He found an opportunity to combine those two passions and the community is benefiting with quality concerts and money for area nonprofits. In 1999 Sartain and other members of Lawrenceville Road United Methodist Church’s United Methodist Men started […]

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Blessing on Wheels blesses families in need


In December 2009, Stephanie Rockmore had a vision to bless those who are less fortunate. She made a promise to God that she would do something once a month to help those who are in need. She went on to form ‘Blessings on Wheels,’ a nonprofit organization that gives back to some of Atlanta’s less […]

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School board not focused on schools


  Anyone who cares about DeKalb County, and more importantly, anyone who cares about the children of the county and their education was probably disturbed to learn that the DeKalb County School District (DCSD) has been placed on accreditation probation. AdvancED, the organization that accredits the school district, described DCSD’s situation as being one of […]

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Snow Mountain offers a winter without the drive


Each year, Stone Mountain Park celebrates the holiday season by transforming into a holiday wonderland complete with snow, Santa and festive lights. “We wanted to make sure metro Atlanta residents had some place to celebrate the season and see the snow without having to drive to up north,” Jeanine Jones, public relations manager at Stone […]

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Champion Newspaper: Year in Review


  A penny saved: Transportation tax fails [oqeygallery id=15] DeKalb residents and others in the metro Atlanta area voted to save their pennies instead of paying a one-cent sales tax for transportation. At stake in the vote were $6.14 billion of regional transportation projects selected by the Atlanta Regional Roundtable that represented Clayton, Cherokee, Cobb, […]

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County, school system could lose revenue if cities annex


DeKalb County and the DeKalb County School District could lose revenue if cities in DeKalb are annexed, according to James Grubiak, general counsel of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. At the final meeting Senate Study Committee on the Incorporation of the City of DeKalb on Dec. 13, the issue was raised about the possibility […]

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OPINION: Present evil killing our future


“Into the world of fears and hatreds we need to pour a double portion of the spirit of confidence in the power of love. Not peace at any price, but love at all cost. All our problems today resolve themselves into the problem of learning to live together.”— Canon Peter Green   In a few […]

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Opinion: A time to laugh, a time to mourn


The classic television comedy show Saturday Night Live, or SNL, as its fans often call it, on Dec. 15 opened with the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night.” There was no punch line—just the lovely Christmas hymn with the particularly appropriate refrain “sleep in heavenly peace.” SNL, during its 37 years on the […]

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