35 years of MARTA History

OPINION: No…a deer


“I was standing up by then and she came right up to me and she was on her back hind legs and the hoof of her front leg went on my cheek, so she…she was attacking me,” said Avon Lake, Ohio, resident Cathy Krajny, following her hospitalization and an attack on her back porch by […]

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OPINION: The beauty within the beast


For all the negatives of DeKalb County, there are just as many, if not more, positives. Many of us, including the media, focus too often on emphasizing the negatives and give little attention to the many attributes of our county. DeKalb is home to Arabia Mountain, a National Heritage Site that dates back 400 million […]

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Teacher’s mystery pain pointed to lung cancer

Lung cancer victim Shermaine Lee, center, poses atop Stone Mountain with sons Larico Lee II, left, and Corbin, right. Photos provided

It was a little pain in her side in 2012 that first sent Shermaine Lee to her doctor. She would later discover she had Stage IV lung cancer. “I was going along with my life. I was a doctoral student. I was taking care of my family, working, doing everything that every woman does—the career […]

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Sophisticated treasure hunters go geocaching

Justin Powers, 17, left, took minutes to put in the coordinates for the geocache search while it took older members of the class much longer.

Am I heading in the right direction?Is anyone looking at what I’m doing?Could it be hidden in the hollow of that tree?   These are the kinds of questions contemplated while engaging in geocaching. A hobby that combines old school treasure hunting with modern technology, geocaching uses a handheld GPS device or a smart phone […]

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Wedding Story: Lindsey Queen and Rob Gardiner

Wedding party hamming it up

Lindsey serves as clerk of Ashland City Council in Ashland, Ohio and Rob is the assistant men’s basketball coach for Ashland University. Lindsey was born and reared in Decatur, attending Decatur High School and DeKalb Technical College. How They Met and Got Engaged Rob and Lindsey were introduced by mutual friends at Ohio Wesleyan University. […]

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Mystery mini door pops up in Decatur

This is one of 57 doors installed across the country. Photo by Gale Horton Gay

Teeny, tiny doors are showing up across the country in most unusual public places—outside restaurants, in a ferry terminal, along a wall by a vacant lot. Recently, a small pale green door appeared on W. Ponce de Leon at the corner of Commerce Street in Decatur. This art project has an element of mystery. The […]

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Westchester Elementary reopens after a decade

Claire Kennedy, pictured with her mom Katie, will be attending the newly opened Westchester Elementary starting this school year. Photos by Lauren Ramsdell

For the first time in 10 years, Westchester Elementary School in Decatur will be filled with the sounds of children learning and playing in its halls. Closed in 2004 because of low enrollment, the school has now reopened as the City Schools of Decatur population is exploding, more than doubling in that timeframe. Since Westchester […]

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Online retailer offers ‘fashion forward’ clothing

The name and logo were created when Nicole Rushin was working with a partner. Photos by Kathy Mitchell

Young women who go to nightclubs not only want to look good, but they want a unique look—something others won’t be wearing, said Nicole Rushin, owner of Lithonia-based 2 Urban Chicks Boutique. While Rushin’s online store offers a wide variety of clothing items, aimed primarily at the young adult —ages 21 to 35—female market, she […]

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