Dunwoody arrest suspected child molester

Doraville water treatment facility shuts down after spill

Doraville sewage plant 046

A sewage leak in Doraville contaminated approximately 40 square yards of soil Nov. 19. City officials said the leak, which occurred in Doraville’s industrial sector, also permeated the surrounding area with the smell of excrement. “This is obviously an unacceptable incident but the city, county and board of health’s response to the incident has been […]

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GPC professor says of Mayan prediction, ‘it’s not the end of the world’

Ernie Guyton, an anthropology professor at Georgia Perimeter College, says those who believe the Mayans predicted Dec. 21 as the end of the world should remember the Mayans also thought the world was flat. Photo by Leita Cowart

  The Australians will be among the first to know if the Maya were right. “They’re already building underground shelters there,” said Ernie Guyton. Guyton, a Georgia Perimeter College anthropology professor, is talking about the ancient Mayan long calendar, which some say predicts the end of the world on Dec. 21. Those on the other […]

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County’s role questioned as new cities form


What would be the role of DeKalb County going forward if more cities are created? That was the question asked by DeKalb legislators at a Nov. 29 meeting held by the Senate Study Committee on the Incorporation of the City of DeKalb. State Sen. Gloria Butler (D-55) chairs the committee that includes Democratic senators from […]

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DeKalb starts new school construction projects

DCSD groundbreaking ceremonies

The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) broke ground on construction projects at Miller Grove, Southwest DeKalb and Martin Luther King Jr. high schools recently. The construction at Miller Grove includes a classroom addition and renovations to several existing classrooms. The project will cost approximately $6 million and is slated to be complete in September. 2014. […]

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Cruising the Mediterranean—it’s not just for the idle rich


Whenever someone suggested that I do something well beyond my means financially, I used to joke, “if I had that kind of money I wouldn’t be sitting here—I’d be cruising the Mediterranean.” Earlier this year, my mother called my bluff. “How much would it cost to cruise the Mediterranean?” she asked. I looked it up […]

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DA’s program gives second chance after arrest


Nineteen-year-old Nathan once thought he was invincible. That was before a run-in with the law and a second chance through a program started by DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James. Nathan was one of seven people that graduated Nov. 30 from the DA’s Anti-Recidivism Court (ARC), a pilot program for first-time offenders ages 17-25 years […]

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Group collecting Christmas gifts for former foster children

Gifts 5

Sometimes, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members who undertake the task of rearing their young relatives struggle provide for the children. “It’s so difficult to make ends meet every week even with support from the state,” said Trenny Stovall, director of the DeKalb County Child Advocacy Center (CAC). For some, “being able to […]

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