MARTA - 35th Anniversary

OPINION: Being a newspaper reporter is really not that bad


According to a recently released best and worst jobs list created by CareerCast, a newspaper reporter is the second worst career choice of the 200 jobs studied. The only job field ranked lower is in the logging industry, specifically a lumberjack. The list is based on job-related criteria in four categories: environment, income, career outlook […]

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Dolls made with love

A child mimics the expression of a Luvaboo doll. Photos by Marta Garcia

  Mother, wife, journalist and entrepreneur. Marcela Cortes manages all with passion, dedication and a lot of love. The Dunwoody resident started stitching good old-fashioned rag dolls five years ago. Now her craft has turned into a business and her dream is turning to reality. Her fascination with children’s ability to create stories and their […]

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Dunwoody City Council Meeting recap


As Dunwoody matures, it’s still living with the growing pains of establishing itself as a new city and all that it brings, including zoning ordinances, a 911 center and private-public partnerships. Here are some of the highlights from the May 12 meeting. • Dunwoody will select the firm to conduct the search for its new […]

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Sisters and chef pair food and wine

Juliette Tafel representing Bacco Wine Distributors, talks about one of the wines served at the Purple Corkscrew’s wine and food pairing dinners. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

Those with a passion for imaginative food paired perfectly with an interesting wine should head to the Purple Corkscrew. Each Sunday and Monday evening, the Emory Village wine room and lounge hosts a wine dinner called At the Table ATL. Guests are treated to a four-course meal with four wines. “Our main goal is to […]

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EDITORIAL: Local elections empower residents to hold elected officials accountable


It is not hard to understand why local elections play such an important role in communities—political movements at the local level can influence Washington—but we as voters also have a responsibility to hold those we vote for accountable. Participating in local elections not only means our community will have its voice in national politics, it […]

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Why the uproar over a new interpretation of Noah?


  The Hollywood film Noah has raised the ire of many Christian moviegoers. Their complaints range from the movie straying from the biblical narrative to promoting unbiblical ideas. Professor Jacob L. Wright disagrees with the criticism. Wright, who teaches Hebrew Bible at the Candler School of Theology, explains that the filmmaker follows an ancient tradition […]

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Baby killed, three women shot in home invasion


A home invasion late on May 10 ended with a 9-month-old boy dead and three women critically injured in an act of possible retaliatory violence, according to the DeKalb County Police Department. Two to three men broke through the back door of a home on To Lani Farm Road in Stone Mountain around 11 p.m. […]

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Rails are the backbone of DeKalb’s communities


As is the case with towns and communities throughout the world, railroads have played an important role in their collective histories. The same is true for the communities of DeKalb County. Early settlements in DeKalb were groupings of homes, farmsteads and dairies. There was little commercial development because of the difficulty of transporting goods. In […]

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