35 years of MARTA History

Elementary school wins facelift competition

The school won the first Georgia United Credit Union School Crashers competition. The school needed a refresh of its mascot, formerly a frightening panther.

Chapel Hill Elementary School, located closer to Henry County than the city of Decatur, needed some love. Built in 1967 and formerly a K-8 school, it was converted back to an elementary school but retained vestiges of the middle school relocated to another campus behind the elementary school. “Before it just had ‘Chapel Hill, DeKalb […]

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Redan Park baseball teams reunite after 20 years


Former players, coaches and parents of the Cardinals and Yankees baseball teams reunited to remember the good old days of playing baseball at Redan Park. It was the first reunion of the two teams that formed more than 20 years ago. More than 100 people gathered at the park July 27 to eat, play softball […]

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New civil and human rights center is brilliant addition to Atlanta


Don’t wait until friends and relatives come to town to plan a visit to the Center for Civil and Human Rights. While many locals understandably avoid venturing into high-traffic and pedestrian-dense downtown Atlanta, now there‘s a good reason to put those reservations aside. The center, which opened June 23, is a jewel that tells the […]

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Decatur updating development and building regulations

Two Decatur residents talk to Planning Director Amanda Thompson (left) at the Decatur Recreation Center during the public drop-in sessions about the proposed Unified Development Ordinance. Photo provided

Decatur has begun a process to clean up some of its city ordinances through the proposed Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO is a yearlong project that; tidies up the inconsistencies, incorporates certain goals from the city’s strategic plan and consolidates everything into a single, easy and unified document to address development regulations. “We’re looking […]

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Staycation needed? New Perimeter hotel creates a relaxing experience

This suite has a living room with wet bar and half bath and  bedroom with full bathroom.

The opening of a hotel in the Perimeter area means locals have a new spot for the often much-needed and economically conservative staycation. The Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina presents local residents with an additional option when a vacation is sorely needed but time or finances are limited. The beauty of a staycation, of […]

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Tucker company to outfit fashionable dogs

Sadie models a Migrubbie dog jacket complete with a tabby. Photos by Kathy Mitchell

Dogs and other household pets will soon look a lot cooler if Karen Lynn and Rosemary Hopper have anything to say about it. Lynn and Hopper are president and fashion designer, respectively at Mister Migs, a soon-to-launch company that makes “seriously cool dog gear for seriously cool dogs” using repurposed denim. At a small manufacturing […]

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Avondale Estates and Lithonia: A tale of two cities on the WWW


Some cities are web- and social media-challenged. Lithonia, for example, is practically nonexistent on the Internet. I guess it did not get ensnared by the World Wide Web. If you Google “Lithonia,” the first two hits will be Lithonia Lighting and a Wikipedia entry for the city. In the Wikipedia entry’s section on the city’s […]

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CDC camp inspires students in public health fields

Students at the CDC Disease Detective Camp interviewed CDC volunteers about a mock outbreak, honing their epidemiology skills. Photo provided

It was a measles outbreak. Kids and campers alike at a summer camp came down with a fever, cough, runny eyes and rashes. But where did the outbreak start? That task was left up to 33 high school students. Doesn’t sound right? The mock outbreak—though it is based on real events investigated by the CDC—was […]

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