MARTA - 35th Anniversary

A Wedding Story: Ilana Poitier and Gabriel Daniel

Ilana Poitier, 28, is a reporter with DeKalb County TV and Gabriel Daniel, 28, is a constituent consultant with DeKalb County CEO’s office.

How They Met In the summer of 2009, the pair met at Smokey Bones restaurant in Lithonia, where she was working as a hostess and he as a server. They started dating in January 2010 and their first date was at the restaurant. “We were supposed to meet a group of friends there, but they […]

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EDITORIAL: New Georgia gun law could bring more danger than safety


You can now carry a gun nearly anywhere you want it seems. On April 23, Gov. Nathan Deal signed a new law that allows licensed gun carriers to take their weapons into bars without restrictions and in some churches, schools and government buildings under certain circumstances. Deal signed House Bill 60, or the Safe Carry […]

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Bit of pre-Civil War history remains at Avondale Estates apartment complex

A photo taken before 1984 shows how a pre-Civil War house looked when it was a private residence. Photo provided

When real estate development company Willow Ridge Ltd. in 1984 purchased property on Rockbridge Road near Avondale Estates to build an apartment complex, it initially decided to allow the local fire department to burn the old building there as a training exercise. The complex was built and still functions as a 156-unit apartment community; however, […]

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OPINION: In the driver’s seat


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,” Chinese philosopher, Confuscius (551-479) When the federal income tax deadline passed in April, many remained unemployed, under-employed, perhaps even wishing that they were paying all those income and related taxes again. Our economy is finally beginning to thaw, and […]

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OPINION: Have a voice in the May primary election by voting


Not much can be done about what some elected officials have already done, but by actively participating in the May primary, voters can certainly influence what will be done. Hopefully, during the May primary candidates running for office in DeKalb will draw large numbers of voters to affirm their worthiness for the office they seek. […]

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Setting one’s sights on a new adventure

Imani Gay aims the Caesar Guerini shotgun at one of the flying disks at Barnsley Garden’s clay shooting range. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

With the butt of the shotgun pressed hard against my shoulder and my face resting against the side of the gun, I shout “Pull” and the neon orange clay disk jettisons into the air. I fire, reload, fire again, reload, fire AGAIN, reload. Finally on my 10th or so attempt, I hit the target. This […]

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Residents oppose proposed Islamic school in neighborhood

The proposed school would be built on land cleared for a subdivision that was never constructed. Photos by Andrew Cauthen

Approximately 60 residents along Rowland Road in unincorporated Stone Mountain gathered to protest a proposed Islamic elementary school that some described as a religious community. Lawrence A. Martin, representing the Risala Institute, recently applied for a special land use permit to construct an 11,321-square-foot private elementary school. The school, which would serve 100 students, would […]

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Decatur-hatched restaurant chain features unique Georgia product

Chef Slavin prepares plate

With blue lights flashing, a Dunwoody Police escort led a truck bringing the season’s first Vidalia onions into DeKalb County. The onions arrived at the Applebee’s restaurant in the Perimeter Mall area to introduce a seasonal menu item featuring an agricultural product unique to Georgia. “The Dunwoody location was chosen because the first Applebee’s opened […]

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