35 years of MARTA History

OPINION: Behind the star


“It’s about time law enforcement became as organized as organized crime,” former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. During the May 20 General Primary Election, for the first time since 2001, DeKalb voters will select a new sheriff.  DeKalb’s sheriff manages a nearly $75 million budget, the nation’s third largest jail, and serves as the county’s chief […]

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Impassioned park rangers keep history alive at Manassas

Park Ranger John Reid points to an area of historical significance at Manassas National Battlefield Park in Virginia. Photos by Gale Horton Gay

The words rolling off Park Ranger John Reid’s tongue are poetry. He so vividly retells the first battle of the Civil War that passersby slow their walk so they, too, can hear more. On the hallowed grounds of the Manassas National Battlefield in Manassas, Va., on July 21, 1861, Union and Confederate soldiers clashed for […]

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Couple finds sweet success selling cake-decorating supplies

Woman decorating whipped cream on cake

A cake can be made to look like a cartoon character, a dress, a carnival carousel—nearly anything—with some skill, a little imagination and the right equipment. That’s where Cake Art in Tucker comes in. With aisles of pans, tools, tints, toppings, flavorings, cookie cutters and more, Cake Art has, according to owner John Parker, possibly […]

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Reach out to others to overcome prejudice

tolerance 2

Some social psychologists say that humans make mental categories for everything in the world. This enables people to create order from the millions of small, complex bits of information the brain processes daily. It’s also natural to categorize people into groups. But the tendency, they say, is to form negative attitudes toward people outside one’s […]

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Stone Mountain business owners hold first association meeting

The Stone Mountain Business Association held its inaugural meeting at Stone Mountain Bakery May 8. Photo by Carla Parker

Ideas on how to make the Stone Mountain business community better were floating around May 8 during the inaugural meeting of the Stone Mountain Business Association. More than 20 business owners from the Stone Mountain business district met with Downtown Development Authority Executive Director Mechel McKinley to discuss how businesses in Stone Mountain can thrive […]

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EDITORIAL: Pothole-Palooza patches pervasive problem


It is a nuisance that every driver has experienced: the ubiquitous pothole. There is hardly a road in the county that is free of potholes or their quick fix—the large metal plates that inadvertently double as traffic calming devices. These potholes have damaged vehicles and delayed traffic as drivers swerve to avoid these ever-present imperfections. […]

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Dunwoody Arts Festival celebrates five years of whimsy

Left, Shari Grenzow Mauer travelled from Kiel, Wisc., to display her whimsical wares at the festival. “I think this is one of the coolest shows on my schedule,” she said.

It has been a year of fifths for Dunwoody, one of DeKalb’s newest cities. The fifth annual Dunwoody Art Festival ran May 10-11 during a weekend of intermittent drizzle and low-level clouds. The festival, always hosted on Mother’s Day weekend, was nonetheless a celebration of all things quirky and colorful. “I personally think the Mother’s […]

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School board approves $450,000 summer reading program

Students and DeKalb County school board members gather for a photo before school board members approve a summer reading program. Photos by Andrew Cauthen

Clifford the Big Red Dog showed up at the May 5 DeKalb school board meeting to support a $450,000 summer reading program. Clifford attended the school board meeting “to put a little pressure on all you, to approve this item,” said Morcease J. Beasley, executive director of curriculum, instruction, professional learning and the district’s office […]

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