Sports complex owners help others live dreams

Ramone Ward and, right, Jacque Morgan say opening Atlanta Sports Complex in east Atlanta fulfills a dream they had for more than a decade.

For years, Ramone Ward ran a successful sanitation company, but he knew what he really wanted to do and where he wanted to do it. With a degree in physical therapy, Ward wanted to build a business around sports training, and he wanted to do it in the east Atlanta neighborhood where he grew up.In […]

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EDITORIAL: Domestic violence: a societal problem that needs better solutions


The rise in public domestic violence cases in the NFL has some people saying, “the NFL has a domestic violence problem.” That is far from accurate. The NFL does not have a domestic violence problem, society has a domestic violence problem. Domestic violence has been happening in millions of homes for centuries. Domestic violence can […]

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40 plays in four days

Scenes from productions staged last year. This year’s festival is a series of plays, readings, one-woman shows and more. Photos provided

Theater lovers rejoice! For the third year, the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival is bringing a cavalcade of plays, readings, one-woman shows and more to metro Atlanta and home base is in our own backyard. The Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community Center in Decatur is where 40 plays will be performed in four days […]

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Chamblee offers electric vehicle drivers place to fill up

electric car

In December 2013, Chamblee made national news, and not in a good way. A Chamblee resident was arrested and charged with stealing $10-15 worth of electricity from a local school. He had plugged in his all-electric Nissan Leaf to an outlet at Chamblee Middle School. It turns out that after charging the car for only […]

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Movement conveys message

Anne Zimmerman, shown here interpreting at the GPC convocation, said studying sign language at the college led her to “the best job ever.” Photo by Lauren Ramsdell

Speaking American Sign Language, or ASL, isn’t like speaking American English. For one, you’re not speaking with your mouth and vocal chords, but rather your hands, face and body all at once. And, while the languages are related, they’re not the same. That’s where sign language interpreting takes over. Interpreters bridge the gap between spoken […]

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Groups bring island culture to DeKalb


More than 2.5 million Americans trace their ancestry to a Caribbean nation, according to recent census figures. While the largest concentrations of this population are in Florida and New York, Georgia is among the other states with significant Caribbean-American populations. Charles Baker, who heads the Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council, one of many local organizations devoted […]

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PATH cycle track under construction

Construction has begun along Williams Street and John Portman Boulevard in downtown Atlanta for the John C. Portman Cycle Track project, which connects the Stone Mountain Trail with Centennial Olympic Park.

Bicyclists will soon be able to ride from the Stone Mountain Trail to Centennial Olympic Park without mixing with traffic. PATH started construction on the John C. Portman Cycle Track project in mid-August, which will connect the Stone Mountain Trail with Centennial Olympic Park. Construction began downtown, long Williams Street and John Portman Boulevard in […]

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DeKalb police detective stable after shooting


An inmate is dead and a DeKalb County police detective is in stable condition after a shooting outside the magistrate court Oct. 2. Cedric Alexander, DeKalb County’s deputy chief operating officer of public safety, said he visited detective DeKalb County police Phillip Christy at Grady Memorial Hospital where he is recovering from gunshot wounds in his […]

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