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With the start of a new year comes introspection and often the resolve to do things differently and achieve better results. Being fired up and committed to one’s goals is good, but how does one translate that into achieving success?

Two local authors who counsel people on realizing their dreams offer suggestions on how to make 2015 a year in which one puts check marks next to their list of resolutions.

Stone Mountain resident Betty Glover Palmer, a nonprofit consultant and certified life coach and trainer, is the author of Beyond Success: My Amazing Journey to Significance. It is her autobiography with lessons learned in faith, relationship, purpose and service.
Palmer said there are many reasons people struggle with achieving their goals including fear of failure, setting unrealistic goals, lack of motivation and allowing others to sabotage one’s success.

Palmer suggests the following for charting a path to accomplishing one’s dreams:

Success focuses on achievement and accomplishing goals, which is often tied to material possessions. “Success is to be measured not so much by the positions reached in life but by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed,” said Booker T. Washington, educator and civil rights activist. In spiritual terms, success is described as having enough for yourself as well as enough to share with others.

Be purpose-driven. Success requires creating a plan and setting SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

Charting your milestones provide an accountability system as well as motivation to keep moving to the next level.

Align yourself with positive people and a mentor who can provide guidance, networking opportunities, support and accountability.

Beyond success lies significance. Becoming successful should not be an end in itself, the goal also should be to help someone become successful and in the process you are providing a meaningful service, thus you will become significant.

Palmer is collaborating with Book a Trip on an educational seminar and cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, Nov. 15 – 21. The seminar will into what lies beyond success, the real meaning of significance and what to do once significance is discovered. For more information, contact or

Donna Satchell Kimble, a Stone Mountain resident and author of Just Get Serious About Success, said most people know what they want to achieve, however, they are easily distracted. She cited how easily the media and television get people focused on sales and new programs and how this keeps them unfocused on reaching their goals. Doubts are another impediment to making progress, Kimble said.

“Doubts are like the common cold,” she said. “People believe more strongly in doubts than have faith that they can move forward.”

Kimble, who is a speaker, trainer and coach, offers the following tips:

Take the time to write out your goals and an action plan to achieve them. Writing helps crystalize your thinking and clarify what you want to create in your life. Make sure your action plan includes all the steps necessary to reach each goal.

Move forward with your action plan, despite the doubts that surface in your mind. When you become uncertain about what you are trying to achieve, shift your thinking to be more positive and action-oriented. For example, instead of thinking “I will never have enough money to buy a house” change to “I can buy a house. I need to find opportunities to earn more money and learn what is required to purchase a home.” Then that becomes your focus.

Control unnecessary disruptions. There always seems to be phone calls, emails, requests, invitations and other things that prevent us from completing what we intend to do. Disruptions can be large roadblocks to success. So, except for emergencies or activities that you must do, think before responding to those things interrupting your day or your plans. For example, is now a good time to take a call, or should you phone the person back later? Should you accept an invitation to an event, or do you need to spend that time working on one of your action steps. Make wise choices so you have the time, energy and money needed to achieve your goals.

Respect and value people. George Fraser is a best-selling author and one of the authorities on success achievement. He feels strongly that “All of life is about working with and through other people. There is no success that you can attain, sustain, or maintain on your own, by yourself, or in a vacuum.” Think about how you can improve your relationships with others in your workplace, business, family, faith-based organizations or other social circles. Then act on what you have thought of doing.

Discover and pursue a passion. Do you have leisure activities that you truly love to do? If not, take the time to find out what they are by trying new things until one of them “clicks” with you. Research has found that when we are engaged in activities we are passionate about, we feel more alive, more vibrant and more creative. And that leads to us being healthier and happier individuals.

Kimble’s next book Discover & Pursue Your Passion is due out in April and a similarly named webinar series for women will begin in a few weeks. For more information, go to

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