Arabia Mountain students awarded for epilepsy app

Three students from Arabia Mountain High School won the Annual App Challenge Competition hosted by Congressman Hank Johnson, the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 4th Congressional District.

Aubrey Allen, Jasmine Stamper, and Ariel Hibbert won for creating their app Telepsy, which they designed to simplify and enhance epilepsy management.

The students stated that the app allows users to log and track seizure information and gives them easy access to emergency phone numbers, hospital locations, and information regarding epilepsy and what causes seizures.

The students said they were inspired by an instructor at Arabia Mountain High School who has epilepsy.

“Today, we’re not only celebrating future app developers, computer scientists, and engineers but also honoring Black history in this month of February,” said Johnson. “The App Challenge aims to foster coding and computer science engagement, and I’m honored to celebrate all the students who participated this year, especially given the exponential growth projected in STEM occupations.”

Johnson also recognized two of the three judges: Laron Walker for his accomplishments in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robotics, and hydroponics, and Daniel Moore for his contributions to Black history as the CEO and founder of the Apex Museum on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta.

Johnson added that more than 70 students participated in this year’s challenge, the highest number since the app challenge was created. He awarded all the students with participation certificates. The winners received Black Americans in Congress books, Congressional pens, copies of the Constitution, gift cards, and were invited to attend the House of Code science event in Washington, D.C.



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