Autumn is just around the corner

According to the astronomical definition, fall begins with the autumnal equinox, which this year in the Northern Hemisphere falls on Saturday, Sept. 23, and features roughly the same amount of daylight as darkness and marks the beginning of shorter days and longer periods of darkness.

Those of us who live in the Southeast are lucky in that we do experience four distinct seasons which are roughly equal in duration making our region of the world one of the most diverse weather locations on Earth.

As we are often prone to do, about halfway through the colder months of winter, we begin to complain about the cold and look forward to spring; the same is true after a couple of months of sweltering hot weather similar to what we have experienced for the last month or so; we begin longing for cooler temperatures.

No matter our temperature and climate preferences, Southerners don’t have to wait very long for the seasons to bring about often-anticipated changes in temperatures and landscapes. We truly do have the best of meteorological worlds.

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