Brookhaven development to include ‘state-of-the-art city hall’

City of Brookhaven officials broke ground on Brookhaven’s new “City Centre” project, a multi-purpose downtown district, on Oct. 11 near the Brookhaven MARTA station on Peachtree Road NE.

The development—which speakers said will eventually be connected to several other portions of the city via the Brookhaven Green Way—will incorporate city government buildings, a scenic terrace, a welcoming hall, space for a farmers’ market, and an outdoor plaza, among other amenities to “connect the community and local government.”

A news release states that Brookhaven City Centre will serve as the “anchor” of the 11-year-old North DeKalb municipality.

The development will include “a state-of-the-art city hall,” building located on an approximately 1-acre site. The new city hall building will be the project’s centerpiece with government offices and space for public meetings, gatherings, and special events.

In addition to Brookhaven’s City Hall, plans for the Brookhaven City Centre concept include mixed-use, retail, and residential development, a large public green space, a first-floor coffee shop, and paths and multi-use trails leading to the development.

Brookhaven City Hall will be located at the corner of North Druid Hills and Peachtree Roads, near the Brookhaven MARTA rail station.

Some people at the groundbreaking showed signs urging Brookhaven officials to choose a different location for the new city hall and to fund the project without using property tax revenue.

Brookhaven Mayor John Ernst said the project is entirely funded through Brookhaven’s Special Services District. City officials said that means “no residential property tax revenue is used to fund the construction.” Ernst added that the green way will also extend to the new city hall’s proposed site.

“I’m glad folks here are in support of our vision,” said Ernst.

Ernst added that the city center is an example of Brookhaven officials following through on the city’s goals and promises.

“The promise of Brookhaven was to dream big, innovate constantly, beautify its lands, ensure public safety, and do all of this efficiently,” said Ernst. “The very first day this station opened up … my dad took me on the train … It looked just like this; it will never look like this again.”

After speaking about the development, several Brookhaven councilmembers and other local leaders and project staff broke ground on the project near the site of the future city hall.

In his closing remarks, Ernst said the project is expected to be completed in 2025.


One thought on “Brookhaven development to include ‘state-of-the-art city hall’

  • October 21, 2023 at 11:18 am

    “City officials said that means “no residential property tax revenue is used to fund the construction.” Once again our elected officials doing what they do best. Saying something that technically is correct but for a newspaper reader is not. Because the Apartment Complexs on Buford Highway and through out the city are zoned as commercial those residents, who often are least able to pay higher housing costs, will have this tax passed on to them through their rent. They are residents and they live on these properties. The city deceitfully did increase the millage rate on Homeowners because that would not be hidden and they would have been run out of office.


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