Brookhaven police can now listen to 911 calls as they come in

The Brookhaven Police Department is now live streaming 911 emergency calls directly to officers in the field, making it the first agency in Georgia to do so, according to officials.

“In October 2022, Brookhaven Police Department (BPD) began to allow officers to hear a 911 caller’s voice in real-time and immediately identify the caller’s location without delay,” stated officials. “These capabilities have never been available before (in Georgia).” At present, there are only 78 agencies nationwide with this capability.

Called Live911, the technology, developed by HigherGround, provides a head start to officers monitoring incoming 911 calls by eliminating inherent dispatching delays, thus reducing response times, said officials.

“The revolutionary application allows first responders in the field to hear every detail of the incoming emergency while also providing the 911 caller’s exact location on a map,” stated Brookhaven officials on the city’s website.
Members of the BPD said they are already seeing positive results since the implementation of the technology approximately three months ago.

“This has been game-changing for our officers,” said Lieutenant Abrem Ayana. “We are very excited with the early results we are seeing from our integration of Live911. Our officers are getting details from 911 callers firsthand.”

Officials with BPD said Live911 is especially useful in closing the time gap between police call-taker to first responders by allowing officers to immediately hear incoming 911 emergency calls in their geographical area. “Live911 enables officers to obtain more information for a better response plan,” stated officials.

Live911 is part of BPD’s efforts to utilize cutting-edge technology, such as to use first responders to remotely pilot drones to 911 calls ahead of ground officers, implemented in 2021, for better service, said Brookhaven Police Chief Brandon Gurley.

“We are always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission of providing professional, high quality, and effective police services to the citizens of Brookhaven,” said Gurley. “The addition of groundbreaking technology like Live911 has already saved lives and given our officers a head start to an emergency when seconds count.”

Brookhaven police said they want to encourage citizens calling 911 to remain calm and speak clearly as officers are listening and gathering critical details to respond to their call for help.

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