Brookhaven secures more than 7 acres for greenspace project

Brookhaven officials have announced that a piece of property located between two parks that was once “aggressively marketed for residential redevelopment” will become the city’s next passive greenspace.

On Jan. 4, Brookhaven officials said that 7.24 acres of greenspace between Lynwood Park and Brookhaven Park now legally belongs to the city after a purchase agreement between Brookhaven and Morrison Family Properties, LLC.

Brookhaven officials described the property, which was once a plant and tree nursery, as having “gentle sloping hills, mature trees, and open space nestled between Wimberly Road and Dunbarton Trace.”

“The properties are located at 3086, 3074, and 3068 Osborne Road,” said officials. “The northern and western boundaries of the property adjoin the Historic Lynwood Park neighborhood and is located 300 feet south of the new Windsor Parkway-Osborne Road roundabout.”

A nearby private school considered purchasing the property and turning it into athletic fields but ultimately declined to purchase the property “amid community concerns of potential traffic and noise,” stated officials.

“This is an exciting milestone for Brookhaven and its residents who are so passionate about preserving Brookhaven’s green and vibrant environment,” said Brookhaven Councilwoman Madeleine Simmons.  “We still have work to do to ensure that the property is safe for all residents to enjoy, but I’m looking forward to exploring the exciting opportunities that this acreage can afford the nearby community.”

According to a press release, the site will remain closed to the public until staff can remove an old farmhouse on the property and determine pedestrian and vehicular access.

With the purchase of Morrison Farms, Brookhaven has acquired a total of 106.83 acres of greenspace and now has a greenspace ratio of 5.8 acres per 1,000 population, stated officials.

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