Candidates qualify for municipal elections in DeKalb

Cities in DeKalb County held qualifying periods Aug. 16 – 20 for municipal elections scheduled for Nov. 2.

Officials from DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections released a list of qualified candidates and key dates for the upcoming election. In addition to the qualified candidates, county officials stated those who want an absentee ballot must apply for one by Oct. 22, the last day to register to vote is Oct. 4, and that advanced voting will occur Oct. 12 through Oct. 29.

Below is a list of city council and mayoral positions available in the county and who has announced as a qualified candidate as of Aug. 24.

Avondale Estates

Two seats are open for the city commission to represent the city at-large.

Qualified candidates are Ricardo Israel Korn, Lionel Laratte (incumbent) and Lisa Shortell (incumbent)


City council districts 2 and 4 will be voted on. District 2 represents the easternmost part of the city and District 4 represents the southernmost parts. 

City Council Seat District 2: Katherine “Katie” Anne Dunagan, H. J. “John” Park

City Council Seat District 4: Dale Boone, John J. Funny


Chamblee’s mayoral seat and two city council seats are open. The council seats include an at-large seat, District 1—which splits the city into north and south—and District 4, the southernmost portion of the city.

Mayor: Brian K. Mock

City Council At-large: Jimmy Furst, Van Pappas

City Council District 1: John A. Mesa (incumbent), Lewis Newmark

City Council District 4: Elmer L. Veith, Douglas A. Westhoven


Clarkston has three at-large city council seats being voted on in November, in addition to the mayoral seat.

Mayor: Beverly H. Burks (incumbent)

City Council: Yterenickia Bell, Jamie Carroll (incumbent), Herbert Clark, Susan Hood, Shana “Tiny” McAllister, Larry McClam, Dean S. Moore


Commission seats District 1, Post A, and District 2, Post A are open this year in Decatur, the county seat. District 1 represents the northern half of the city, with District 2 representing the southern half.

Decatur Board of Education seats for District 1, Post A; District 2, Post A; and an at-large seat will also be decided in November.

City Commission District 1, Post A: Kelly Walsh (incumbent), Katie Bell

City Commission District 2, Post A: Patti Garrett (incumbent)

BOE District 1, Post 1: Hans Utz

BOE District 2, Post A: Carmen Sulton, Dan Baskerville

BOE At-large: Jana Johnson-Davis (incumbent)


Three Doraville council seats will be determined in November, with Districts 1, 2 and 3 up for grabs. The districts represent the northernmost parts of the city.

City Council District 1: Gerald Evans (incumbent), SM Abu Zahed

City Council District 2: Thomas S. Hart, Christopher Henshaw (incumbent)

City Council District 3: Stephe Koontz (incumbent)


City council posts 1, 2, and 3 will be voted on by registered voters within the council member’s district. Post 1 represents the western parts of Dunwoody; Posts 2 and 3 represent central and eastern Dunwoody, respectively. 

City Council District 1, Post 1: Catherine Lautenbacher, Terry Nall

City Council District 2, Post 2: Rob Price, Jim Riticher (incumbent)

City Council District 3, Post 3: Tom Lambert (incumbent), Brian Sims


City of Lithonia has three at-large seats on the city council being voted on in November.

City Council: William “Ric” Dodd (incumbent), Diane W. Howard (incumbent), Amelia Inman (incumbent), Yolanda C. Sheppard

Pine Lake

Three at-large seats are open on the city council in DeKalb County’s smallest city.

City Council: Jean Bordeaux (incumbent), Matthew Jacob Collins, Brandy Hall (incumbent), Augusta Marie Woods (incumbent)

Stone Mountain

Three at-large city council seats and the mayoral seat will be determined this year. Council members are elected at-large to individual posts, meaning every registered voter in the city may vote for each post.

Mayor: Beverly R. Jones, Andrea Redmond, Eileen W. Smith

City Council, Post 4: Gil Freeman, Diana Roe Hollis (incumbent), Richard Mailman, Mike Schaaphok

City Council Post 5: Shawnette Bryant (incumbent), Shani Linder

City Council Post 6: Teresa B. Crowe, Anthony Hernandez-Wallen, Ryan M. Smith


In DeKalb County’s largest city, three city council seats will be voted on in November, with District 1, District 3 and District 5 opening. District 1 encompasses northeast Stonecrest; District 3 includes parts of central Stonecrest; and District 5 contains southeast Stonecrest. 

City Council – Post 1: Jimmy Clanton, Jr. (incumbent), Tara Graves, Kelvin Kight, Kwabena “Cubby” Nkromo

City Council Post 3: Jazzmin Cobble (incumbent), Alecia Washington, Herbert Woods

City Council Post 5: Barbara Hall, Ryan Gallagher, Tammy L. Grimes (incumbent)


City council District 1 Post 1, District 2 Post 1, District 3 Post 1 and the mayoral seat will be on the ballot.

Mayor: Frank Auman (incumbent), Robin “Rob” Biro

City Council District 1, Post 1: Roger W. Orlando, Karen Peters-Rivers

City Council District 1, Post 2 (Special Election): Christine Bloodworth, Virginia Rece, Shawn Woods

City Council District 2, Post 1: Imani Barnes, Cara Schroeder, Thomas Walker

City Council District 3, Post 1: Dave Deaton, Neal Stubblefield, Alexis Weaver


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