City police trained to fight opioid overdoses

Doraville police officers are now able to quickly offer aid to overdose victims.

“Since we are usually the first on scene, this is a tool we hope and pray we will never have to use,” John King, Doraville police chief, said. “Our concern is the preservation of life and we are prepared when the tragedy happens.”

Doraville Police Department has trained its officers with a new NARCAN distribution system. NARCAN, a nasal spray, is the first and only FDA-approved nasal form of naloxone for the emergency treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose.

Naloxone is a medication designed to quickly and temporarily reverse opioid overdose.

More than 50 Doraville officers were trained to use the product.

“The training was a very simple presentation,” Gene Callaway, public information officer for Doraville Police Department, said. “The nasal dispenser is easy to deploy.”

When the officer arrives at a scene and assesses a person is in an overdose situation, the officer can dispense a NARCAN.

“The main concern for the officer is when the person comes back from the overdose. The reaction is almost instantaneous, so the officer has to maintain scene safety after deployment,” Callaway said. “Persons who have recovered from the overdose have been said to sit up straight and want to leave immediately. This is an obvious concern of ours.”


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