City Schools of Decatur superintendent to hold virtual listening session

After a series of in-person sessions to hear from stakeholders in the community, City Schools of Decatur Superintendent Dr. Gyimah Whitaker will host a virtual meeting for the public to “focus on gathering more information, reviewing those findings to envision a plan forward and maximizing the results.”

The virtual session, at which community members are invited to tune in and share ideas and feedback with the superintendent, is scheduled for March 1 at 11:30 a.m., stated a news release.

Whitaker, who became City Schools of Decatur’s (CSD) superintendent last year, said part of her agenda in her new role was speaking with as many students, teachers, staff, and community members as possible. She said she achieved this goal by visiting each CSD school, having one-on-one meetings with each CSD board of education member, and hosting a series of in-person meetings that the public was invited to attend.

“Like every effective leader, I am a learner,” said Whitaker. “These sessions highlighted opportunities for growth. In every quadrant of this district, there seems to be a consensus on communication, salaries and compensation, equity, services for students with special needs, the grading structure, and the need for a safe and inclusive environment where every student can thrive.”

The initial listening sessions were held last year in the fall as part of the first phase of Whitaker’s entry plan, stated officials.

Whitaker said the information she gathers during the listening sessions will be used to “meet the needs of all students.”

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