Civil Rights trailblazers honored

DeKalb County School District Superintendent Mike Thurmond says the district has made “significant progress” with him at the helm. Photos by Caleb Wade
DeKalb County School District Superintendent Mike Thurmond. Photos by Caleb Wade

Outgoing DeKalb school Superintendent Michael Thurmond and former Georgia attorney general Thurbert Baker are two of the DeKalb residents recognized June 3 for their contributions in the struggle for integration and equality during the late 1950s to 1970s.

More than 120 men and women were acknowledged during the State Bar of Georgia’s “Celebration of Civil Rights Milestones” program at the State Bar Center in Atlanta.

“The honorees at the Celebration of Civil Rights Milestones played an active part in the Civil Rights

Movement as financiers, lawyers, organizers or activists, working diligently to fight racial injustice,” according to a news release about the event. “They helped elect Maynard Jackson to the board of aldermen; defended Martin Luther King Jr. and other members of his team; and enforced housing and other civil rights legislation as federal appointees in EEOC and HUD agencies. The honorees blazed trails that changed the course of history in Georgia.”

A plaque in recognition of the honorees will be displayed in both The Center for Civil and Human Rights and the State Bar of Georgia Law Museum. At the ceremony on June 3, awards were presented to the

honorees by State Bar President Patrise M. PerkinsHooker, who is the first Black to lead the State Bar since its inception in 1883 as the Georgia Bar Association.

“It’s an honor to express my appreciation to those whose service has helped forge a path for people like me,” Perkins‐Hooker said. “Often they faced the threat of death, but they persevered so that every human being would have equal access to opportunity.”

 Deborah J. Richardson, interim CEO of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, echoed these sentiments.

 “We at The Center tell the story of the Civil Rights Movement,” she said. “And the role of Georgia lawyers is an important part of that story.”



Morris B. Abram

Miles J. Alexander

William H. Alexander

Orin L. Alexis

Jason R. Archambeau

Marvin S. Arrington Sr.

R. Lawrence Ashe Jr.

Tony L. Axam Sr.

Randy Bacote

Edward L. Baety

Thurbert E. Baker

Sherman S. Barge

Joseph M. Beck

Robert Benham

Donald C. Beskin

Franklin N. Biggins

Sanford D. Bishop Jr.

James B. Blackburn Jr.

Doris A. Blayton

Emmet J. Bondurant

George R. Boyd Jr.

Jerry Boykin

Wiley A. Branton Sr.

Marva Jones Brooks

Carl Cecil Brown Jr.

Edgar C. Brown Jr.

Aaron Buchsbaum

Johnny J. Butler

Allen L. Chancey Jr.

John Mell Clark

Charles M. Clayton

William T. Coleman III

Clarence Cooper

Wayner P. Crowder

Vicki Trammell Cuthbert

Julius C. Daugherty Jr.

Chester C. Davenport Jr.

F.T. “Tread” Davis Jr.

I. Kenneth Dious

Orion L. Douglass

Edward R. Downs Jr.

Jesse Lee Echols

B.T. Edmonds Jr.

Donald P. Edwards

Fletcher Farrington

Eugene H. Gadsden

George G. Geiger

Sims W. Gordon Jr.

Harry L. “Buck” Griffin Jr.

Joseph F. Haas

Andrew J. Hairston

R. Pruden Herndon

Bobby L. Hill

Donald L. Hollowell

Al Horne

Louise Thornton Hornsby

James Mac Hunter

Harry L. Hutchinson

Thomas M. Jackson

John James

Isaac Jenrette

Leroy R. Johnson

Howard R. Johnson

Charles S. Johnson III

Kenneth J. Jones

Thomas F. Jones

Joseph Jones Jr.

J.L. Jordan

Vernon E. Jordan Jr.

John L. Kennedy

C.B. King

Willie E. Lockette

Hamilton Lokey

Jerry Luxemburger

Clinton Lyons

James Mackie

Marvin Collier Mangham Jr.

Sidney J. Marcus

Wesley M. Mathews Jr.

S. Ralph Martin Jr.

Bobby Clarence Mayfield

M. Laughlin McDonald

Lorenzo C. Merritt

Howard Moore Jr.

James Moore

Charles R. Morgan

Jack O. Morse

John R. Myer

Paul Oliver

Sampson Oliver Jr.

Pickens A. Patterson Jr.

James E.C. Perry

Charles Peterson

Herbert E. Phipps

Romae T. Powell

William C. Randall

Philip F. Ransom

Louis Regenstein

Robert Edward Robinson

Sylvester S. Robinson

John H. Ruffin Jr.

James E. Salter

Thomas G. Sampson Sr.

W. Louis Sands

John A. Sibley III

Richard H. Sinkfield

Archer D. Smith III

Robert H. Stroup

Antonio L. Thomas

R.E. Thomas

A.L. Thompson

Randolph W. Thrower

Michael L. Thurmond

Michael H. Trotter

Elbert P. Tuttle

Sharon Nyota Tucker

Henrietta E. Turnquest

A.T. Walden

Horace T. Ward

Felker W. Ward Jr.

Ralph Washington

John D. Watkins

Melvin Watt

Isabel Gates Webster

Charles L. Weltner

Charles F. Wittenstein

Roderic L. Woodson

Thelma Wyatt Cummings Moore

Prentiss Q. Yancey Jr.

Italics denotes deceased.





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