Commissioner involved in domestic dispute


Police responded to a dispute between DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton at her long-term boyfriend Warren Mosby’s Decatur home Feb. 11. Each side tells a different account of what happened.

According to a police report, Sutton arrived at Mosby’s house to find a car in the driveway, owned by a female acquaintance of both Sutton and Mosby. Sutton told police that as she tried to enter Mosby’s home, he pushed her onto the driveway.

“She advised that Mr. Mosby continued to argue with her about being at the location. She stated she got back to her feet and Mr. Mosby pushed her back down onto the driveway,” the police report states.

According to Sutton’s account, Mosby then took her keys, threw her between two vehicles and put his knee on her chest beneath her throat.

Police said upon their arrival at the scene, Sutton’s left side and back were covered in dirt and she was visually upset, “crying and rubbing her chest.” Her keys were found in the front yard.

Mosby’s account is quite different, stating that Sutton instigated the incident.

According to police, Mosby said Sutton arrived at his home and was upset about his female visitor. He then said Sutton tried to enter his home and he blocked her entrance by standing in the doorway.

“He stated [Sutton] continued to be aggressive and began to hit him in the chest with her first,” the police report states. “Mr. Mosby stated [Sutton] grabbed his glasses off his face and threw them into the front yard.”

Mosby admitted to police he threw Sutton’s keys and tried to restrain her.

Neither party agreed to press charges and Mosby told police he didn’t want Sutton back on his property. Police gave Sutton a warning and told her if she ever returned to the location she could be arrested.

“I’m never coming back here…trust me,” Sutton reportedly said.

According to the police report, Sutton told police she and Mosby have been in a relationship for the past seven years. Mosby was Sutton’s former campaign manager and is the brother of Howard Mosby, the chairman of the DeKalb County Delegation of the General Assembly.



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