Convicted rapist receives maximum sentence

“If there is evil in this world, I believe it’s been in this courtroom,” said Superior Court Judge Gail Flake, before sentencing a convicted rapist to eight consecutive life prison terms plus an additional 135 years behind bars.

“If any case deserves the maximum sentence, it’s this case,” said Flake, during the April 9 sentencing.

After a five-day trial, Gary Mincey was found guilty March 22 of 17 felony counts, including aggravated assault, armed robbery, burglary, false imprisonment, aggravated sexual battery and rape.

During a six-week span in 2011, Mincey assaulted, robbed and raped various women. Prosecutors said he used a gun, Taser or knife to force the victims to comply with his verbal and physical demands. Mincey also robbed his victims of electronics, money and jewelry.

During the trial, prosecutors described how he followed women from a Publix grocery store, Echelon Bar and Bistro, and Tanqueray Lounge before his attacks.

One of Mincey’s victims faced him one last time in court before the sentencing.

“You almost took life, not once but twice,” she said. “During those days after you attacked me, I thought about taking my own life.”

Instead she “stayed prayed up,” the victim said. “And I focused once again on the car seat in the back of my car.”

She told Mincey that three of her four grandchildren are boys and she wanted to make sure they are reared to be productive adults and “not a rapist like you.”

“Thank you for showing me just how strong I could be as a woman [and] for giving me war scars that I didn’t get in the military and finally for making me take the stand…against a coward like you,” the victim said. “Justice has prevailed and justice will begin to help us all in our healing process.”

During the sentencing hearing, Mincey said he felt sympathy for the women and “wouldn’t wish no acts like that on anybody.”

“I know today is supposed to be a day of closure, but it won’t be a day of closure because I’m innocent,” Mincey said.

Mincey, who has two prior felony convictions, told the judge that the trial was unfair and “full of lies, deceit, contradicting stories.”

“My life don’t lie in your hands,” Mincey said to the judge. “My life lies in the hands of God. I’m going to be all right whatever the outcome is. I don’t care what you sentence me to.”

Chief Assistant District Attorney Nicole Marchand Golden, who served as lead prosecutor on the case, said Mincey received “the right sentence, the just sentence which was the maximum.”

“To target, stalk, rape and then rob five women that he did not know, who didn’t know each other…it’s a nightmare,” Golden said. “It’s every woman’s nightmare. It’s the worst thing you can experience.

“We are going to do everything we can to ensure the safety of the women of DeKalb County,” Golden said. “We’re going to seek the maximum sentence in each one of these cases. That’s what we did in this case.”

Golden said the sentence tells the victims that they were believed.

“The judge understood what they went through and was sympathetic…and wanted to ensure that they felt safe in their homes at night,” she said.


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