County commissioner to discuss rebranding Memorial Drive

DeKalb County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw will host the final meeting of the Memorial Drive Community Rebranding Initiative on June 8 at 6 p.m. via Zoom.

According to a news release, Bradshaw is partnering with DeKalb County Planning and Sustainability, Dekalb County Community Development, and Houser Walker Architecture to host the meeting. During the meeting, hosts are expected to present the finalists for both the logo design and branding efforts for the Memorial Drive Rebranding Initiative.

A county spokesperson said the final meeting is a result of a public meeting held in December 2022 to gather feedback from the community.

“It is important to me to keep the public involved in the revitalization efforts of the Memorial Drive Corridor,” said Bradshaw. “This meeting serves as a reminder that we all are in the foxhole together as we work on the economic revitalization of the corridor.”

The rebranding initiative is part of the Memorial Drive Revitalization Corridor Plan, which started in 2019 and was adopted by the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners in 2020.

County officials said the plan will be the guiding principle for economic growth and development in the East Memorial Drive area.

According to a news release, one recommendation from the study is to rebrand the area to help change the public perception. “This rebranding community project will give the area an identity and sense of place,” the news release states.

To register for the Zoom meeting, visit

Decide DeKalb President Dorian DeBarr recently said that several initiatives focused on Memorial Drive could “bring about transformative change to this portion of the county,” but added that community stakeholders meetings are important to gauge public interest before starting large-scale projects.

Decide DeKalb, which describes itself as “the primary economic development engine to attract, expand and retain businesses in DeKalb County,” also has a tax allocation district on the Memorial Drive/Kensington Road corridor.

Additionally, MARTA advanced plans for the Kensington/Memorial corridor that include affordable senior and workforce housing and a new headquarters for the Housing Authority of DeKalb County.


2 thoughts on “County commissioner to discuss rebranding Memorial Drive

  • May 28, 2023 at 11:12 am

    I’m not in favor of any county businesses. The county doesn’t maintain their current building in this area, they look like eyesores! We want what’s off Lavista, Roswell, Scenic hwy exits, just to name a few. Major department stores and grocery stores. Nomore Burlington and kohl’s and Popeyes. Bring ruby Tuesdays back! Close all the mechanic shops are make them cleanup like gwinett did. Enforce the rules for commercial businesses. Implement curfews for youngsters under 17. We want what other cities hv without driving 20 miles taking our money elsewhere. Stop the mistreatment from individuals tht spend good money.

  • June 29, 2023 at 8:21 pm

    Why are the “Leaders In Dekalb County” not asking “Brian Kemp” to lower the rent in Georgia and establish a “Rent Control Law,” why should renters be “Forced To Pay a Extra $100.00 if they decide not to renew their lease? It’s time for someone to speak up for renters, they are “Renting not Buying” the property they’re living in. This is why we need better “Leadership.”


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