Custodian dies at MLK High School

An overnight death of one custodian prompted the relocation of 1,600 Martin Luther King High School students on Thursday, April 21. 

Nighttime custodian Anthony Jacobs, 52, was found dead at the Lithonia school at 5 a.m. Thursday morning, according to Quinn Hudson, DeKalb County School District’s director of communications.

Photo courtesy of DeKalb County School District..

While the death was initially treated as a crime by authorities, it was later discovered via surveillance footage that Jacobs collapsed at 10 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20 and police officials stated Jacobs died of natural causes.

The situation called for emergency relocation to allow for a thorough police investigation, according to Hudson.

The director of communications said standard protocol for such an event called for freshmen and sophomores to be relocated to Arabia Mountain High School and for juniors and seniors to be relocated to Southwest DeKalb High School. Staff and faculty also joined them.

Students received limited instruction at both campuses before being bussed back to MLK High School for afternoon dismissal.

Grief counselors are available to students and staff at all three campuses, Hudson said, as Jacobs was well-known and well-liked at MLK High. 


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