DeKalb athletes named to All-Region football teams

DeKalb County was well represented on several Georgia High School Association All-Region football teams following the 2022 high school football season.

In Region 4-5A, Chamblee High School’s Fabian Walker won the Player of the Year, Decatur High School’s Kenric Lanier was named Offensive Player of the Year, Lithonia’s Josiah Peterson was Defensive Player of the Year, Decatur’s Isaac Cone won Special Teams Player of the Year, and Decatur head coach William Felton was named the region’s Coach of the Year.

DeKalb had 12 athletes selected for the Region 6-4A First Team offense and defense – in addition to having the region’s Defensive Player of the Year in Miller Grove High School’s Cayman Spaulding and Stephenson High School’s Devin Ingram being recognized as Offensive Player of the Year. Ingram and Spaulding are also the most recent DeKalb football players to be named Georgia Players of the Week.

No athletes or coaches from DeKalb won player or coach of the year awards in Region 4-6A, but DeKalb teams had 33 overall selection on the first teams and honorable mention teams.

Athletes from DeKalb who made one of the three all region lists are listed below:

Region 5-4A First Team

QB: Harrison Hannah, Decatur

RB: Jordan McCoy, Tucker

RB: Solomon Rayton, Arabia Mountain

WR: Tristian Sizemore, Chamblee

WR: Kedric Lackey, Decatur

WR: Isaiah Byrd, Lithonia

WR: Levi Bradham, Chamblee

OL: Miller Meeks, Chamblee

OL: Jackson Pickett, Tucker

OL: Bryan Freeman Jr., M.L. King

OL: Sekou Copeland, Arabia Mountain

OL: Marquavious Hood, Decatur

ATH: Malachi Miller, Decatur

DL: Nakobi Spurrior, Tucker

DL: Christopher Jackson, Tucker

DL: Marquacious Wright, Chamblee

DL: Daniel Chavez, Chamblee

DL: Marquis Hood, Decatur

LB: Jason Bond, Lithonia

LB: Ezekiel Yusuf, M.L. King

LB: Daniel Turpin, Arabia Mountain

LB: Mason Carrington, Chamblee

DB: Brandon Robinson, M.L. King

DB: Jordan Miller, Arabia Mountain

DB: Jeffery Thornton, Chamblee

DB: David Price, Lithonia


Region 5-4A Second Team

QB: Julian Shanks, Arabia Mountain

RB: Larry Harris, Chamblee

RB: Anthony Booker, Lithonia

WR: Jordan Thornton, Chamblee

WR: Jonah Stancil, Decatur

WR: Jaiden Figaro, Arabia Mountain

WR: Jarvious Franklin Jr., Decatur

OL: Kelvin Allen, Lithonia

OL: Bennett Knapp, Decatur

OL: Chance Campbell, Arabia Mountain

OL: Zach Smith, Chamblee

OL: Markel Banks, Lithonia

ATH: Xavier Leach, M.L. King

DL: Will Johnson, Tucker

DL: Ty’Jae Richardson, Decatur

DL: Daniel Ndukwe, Arabia Mountain

DL: Kendal Brown, Arabia Mountain

DL: Wesley Covert, Lithonia

LB: Malcolm Snipes, Arabia Mountain

LB: Ethan Johnson, Decatur

LB: Jack Hawkins, Chamblee

LB: Mike Orvil, Lithonia

DB: Christian Williams, Chamblee

DB: McKaden Smith, Arabia Mountain

DB: Kaleb Lanier, Decatur

DB: Hasaan Sykes, Tucker


Region 5-4A Honorable Mention

Dillon Shanks, Arabia Mountain

Christian Walker, Arabia Mountain

Traviance Armour Jr., M.L. King

Amir Simmonds, Tucker

Keyshawn Verdell, M.L. King

Makhi Reid, Decatur

Asa Bailey, Decatur

Morgan Bradley, Decatur

Octavian Tennell, Lithonia

Amonte Hardin, Lithonia

Moses Lutton, Lithonia

Ashton Bolston, Chamblee

Aidan Harron, Chamblee

Josias Dore-Lithonia, Lithonia


Region 6-4A First Team Offense (DeKalb selections)

RB: Billy Johnson, SW DeKalb

RB: Ta’Jon Corbitt, Miller Grove

WR: Jayvonne Dillard, Miller Grove

TE: Romando Craddock, Stephenson

OL: John Nyiam, Miller Grove

OL: Marcus Andrews, Stephenson


Region 6-4A First Team Defense (DeKalb selections)

DL: Daevon Hinton, Miller Grove

DL: Christopher Williams, Stephenson

LB: Kaleb Bristow, Stephenson

LB: Kwabena Flowers, Stephenson

DB: Joshua Jones, Miller Grove

KR: Trent Fields, Jr., Stephenson


Region 6-4A Second Team Offense (DeKalb selections)

RB: Cheik Keita, Stephenson

WR: Armond Davis, SW DeKalb

WR: Keshawn Weathers, Miller Grove

OL: Soree Coulibaly, Miller Grove

OL: O’Shea Stroman, Stephenson

OL: Matthew Rowland, Stephenson


Region 6-4A Second Team Defense (DeKalb selections)

DL: Isaiah Reaves, SW DeKalb

DL: Emanual Connelly, Miller Grove

DL: Tresean Logan, Stephenson

LB: Roddrigus Tracy, Miller Grove

LB: Andrew Perry, Stephenson

DB: Kristopher Woodard, Stephenson

DB: Xavier Turner, SW DeKalb

P: Randy Smith, SW DeKalb


Region 6-4A Honorable Mention Offense (DeKalb selections)

QB: Isaiah Logan, SW DeKalb

QB: Marte Barton, Stephenson

QB: Christian Jamison, Miller Grove

WR: Denver Jones, Stephenson

WR: Xavier Hunte, Stephenson

TE: Joshua Gregory, Miller Grove

OL: Brandon Perkins, Stephenson

OL: Bryce Favors, Stephenson

OL: Brandon Smith, Miller Grove

PK: Sydina Muhammad, Miller Grove


Region 6-4A Honorable Mention Defense (DeKalb selections)

DL: Kevin Nash, Miller Grove

LB: Wesley Brown, SW DeKalb

LB: Winston Bradford, Stephenson

DB: Brice Harris, Miller Grove

DB: Prince Brown, Miller Grove

P: Etsomefa Elavewo, Stephenson


Region 4-6A First Team Offense (DeKalb selections)

QB: Porter Ledoyen (Dunwoody)

RB: Jack Tchienchou (St. Pius X)

WR: Jack Pankey (Dunwoody)

OL: Peyton Lamb (Marist)

OL: Jack Woods (St. Pius X)

OL: Kevin McDonald (Marist)

OL: Drew Prieto (Marist)

PK: Harrison Feldman (Marist)


Region 4-6A First Team Defense (DeKalb selections)

DB: Casey Comerford (Marist)

DB: Wesley Ingham (St. Pius X)

LB: Shug Bentley (St. Pius X)

LB: Colin Hare (Marist)

DL: Luke Harpring (Marist)

DL: Luke Cole (Dunwoody)

Punter: Ripp Perez (Marist)



Region 4-6A Honorable Mention Offense (DeKalb selections)

QB: Jack Euart (Marist)

QB: Jack Mount (St. Pius X)

RB: Jospeh Pizzo (Marist)

RB: Charles Weick (St. Pius X)

TE/FB: Jackson Hughes (Marist)

TE/FB: Jack Geeslin (St. Pius X)

TE/FB: Kevin Beirne (St. Pius X)

OL: Nick Karas (St. Pius X)

OL: Nathan Altiery (St. Pius X)

OL: Will McBride (St. Pius X)


Region 4-6A Honorable Mention Defense (DeKalb selections)

LB: Tyler Moran (Marist)

LB: Liam Whitlark (St. Pius X)

DL: Mason Rudder (St. Pius X)

DL: Spencer Camastro (Marist)

DL: Brendan Nerbonne (St. Pius X)

DL: Zach Inskeep (St. Pius X)

Punter: Jack Galvez (St. Pius X)

Returner: Jospeh Pizzo (Marist)





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