DeKalb commissioner wants Israel, Palestine ceasefire

DeKalb District 6 Commissioner Ted Terry introduced a resolution on Dec. 5 calling for an immediate permanent ceasefire between Israel and Palestine.

After the Oct. 7 terrorist attack by Hamas—which county officials called an internationally designated terrorist organization—DeKalb County commissioners condemned the slaughter of innocent, unsuspecting civilians in their homes, communities, and at the Nova music festival. Commissioners were joined by members of the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office and local House of Representatives when they passed a resolution on Oct. 10 condemning Hamas before raising the Israeli flag in support.

Now—more than 60 days into the war—Terry is asking members of the board of commissioners to adopt a resolution that will support a ceasefire in the conflict while releasing hostages and putting “an end to the blockade and siege of Gaza,” among other peace-promoting points.

“Gaza is in the midst of a horrific humanitarian crisis, thousands of Palestinian civilians have been killed, and vital necessities like clean water, food, fuel, shelter and medical aid are critically low or nonexistent, with a possible famine looming,” a news release from DeKalb County Government states.

“Undoubtedly, the situation in the Middle East is extremely complex, but one thing is clear, the continued military action and escalating bloodshed is catastrophic for innocent Palestinians and further endangers Israeli hostages still held in Gaza and Jews in Israel and around the world,” said Terry.

“The rise of increased antisemitism and Islamophobia must be condemned,” continued Terry. “And continued bloodshed will only increase blind hatred and political radicalization in the Middle East and here at home. That’s why today I’m calling for a permanent ceasefire in the region.”

The resolution Terry proposed calls for:

  • A permanent cease-fire in Israel and Gaza.
  • The immediate release of all hostages.
  • An end to the blockade and siege of Gaza.
  • The prompt provision of humanitarian assistance to Gaza.
  • All parties to fully comply with their obligations under international law.
  • A condemnation of rising antisemitism and Islamophobia that has been seen in the United States and worldwide.

The conflict has also had an impact locally, with a Dunwoody High School alumni dying in action while serving the Israel Defense Forces. Some Emory students were also condemned for how they protested Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 attacks.


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