DeKalb County Police Department helps keep teens out of trouble

By: Morgan Ware

Since May, teens have been involved in multiple crimes in DeKalb County according to the DeKalb County Police Department (DKPD). Incidents reported include a high-school graduate being shot and a teen shot at local gas station by friend.

 “There has been an increase in crimes like shoplifting, burglary, car theft, and more theft related crimes,” Major Banks of DKPD. However teens are less likely to commit major crimes according to Banks.

Banks said there are ways to help prevent teens from committing crimes.

DKPD offers programs to keep teens busy during the summer in hopes they will stay out of trouble. Programs offered include a physical fitness program, Police Athletic League Plus (PAL) Summer Academy through July 27, DeKalb Works Summer Youth Employment Program and church-based programs that include camps and basketball.

Parents can also play a role in helping teens stay out of trouble during summer, according to Banks.

“Parents need to get involved with their children and engage in them. They need to know when bullying is being involved. Parents need to spread positivity to their children and be aware of the friends their children hang around.”


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