Domestic violence task force ‘reactivated’ with new co-chair

Director of Victim-Witness Services for the DeKalb County Solicitor-General’s Office Brenda Puebla said she intends to reactivate the DeKalb County Domestic Violence Task Force after recently being elected as the task force’s co-chair.

The task force’s stated goal is to end abuse by creating a safe community through education about domestic violence and advocacy for the victims of domestic violence. Task force officials said they also seek to ensure that family violence perpetrators are held accountable for their actions; Puebla added that she has plans for multijurisdictional collaborations and will review fatality protocol in her new role as co-chair.

According to a news release, Puebla was approached about becoming a co-chairperson for the task force due to years of experience in counseling and victim advocacy and was nominated by task force members and then elected after a vote.

“Director Puebla has shown herself to be a passionate advocate for victims of domestic violence by leading by example in every effort she undertakes,” said Solicitor-General Donna Coleman-Stribling. “I am confident that her work as Co-Chair of this task force will be the catalyst needed to expand this group’s footprint and change the lives of domestic violence victims in DeKalb County.”

The news release states that her first goal in this position is to create a game plan for the task force’s future, which includes creating subcommittees within the task force to expand outreach and create opportunities.

A critical role is heading the committee responsible for domestic violence fatality reviews, the news release continues. In this role, Puebla and her team select domestic violence cases that have been closed and analyze the flow of the case from the initial complaint to its fatal conclusion. The team reportedly examines every case component and seeks to identify best practices from a legal and social services perspective.

Puebla has more than a decade of experience serving as an advocate for domestic violence victims.

“Domestic violence is a multifaceted issue that needs a multidimensional response,” said Puebla. “We have representatives from local shelters, churches, counseling services, prosecutors, and police. All of these partners play a vital role in the fight to end domestic violence.”

The DeKalb County Domestic Violence Task Force’s next meeting will be Aug. 16 at 445 Winn Way from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. These meetings are open to the public.


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