Dunwoody High to host city council meeting

Dunwoody City Council will hold its first “on-the-road experience,” on Jan. 22 when Dunwoody High School hosts a city council meeting at 6 p.m.

A news release states that students, parents, and other community members are encouraged to attend the meeting, and that the meeting will be hosted by the Dunwoody High School Youth City Council.

“In our first on-the-road experience, we want to make it easier for nearby residents to attend and participate,” said city council member Catherine Lautenbacher. “The Youth City Council is making this happen by being an integral part of the planning and execution.”

The news release states that Dunwoody’s Youth City Council started in 2016 and is open to DHS students in any grade. Students meet monthly with city leaders—including the mayor and council members, and department heads—to ask questions and provide feedback. The program also invites participants to a pre-meeting dinner with city council members at the end of the school year.

“With Monday’s meeting, we hope to encourage high school students to be involved with their local government,” said Youth City Council Co-President Valentina Cloitre. “Our day-to-day life is most impacted by our local government, so we believe that even though most high school students cannot vote yet, it is important to get them involved early. Through projects like this, students are encouraged to use their voice to inspire positive changes in our community.”

Mike Berry— an instructional leader for social studies at Dunwoody High and the club sponsor—encouraged students to attend the city council meeting planned for Dunwoody High.

“We all want our youth to grow up to be informed and engaged citizens, and I see this is a small step in that direction,” explained Berry.

A city spokesperson added that all Dunwoody City Council meetings are open to the public, but that members of Dunwoody Youth City Council are using social media and flyers to encourage additional participation and awareness.


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