Dunwoody police launch ‘groundbreaking’ transparency technology

Dunwoody Police Department launched a webpage on May 30 for its Police Transparency and Data Sharing Initiative, which a department spokesperson called a “groundbreaking” initiative that could foster trust, accountability, and open dialogue between police and the community.

“This innovative online platform aims to enhance transparency, provide public access to critical information, and promote responsible policing practices and accountability,” according to a news release. The statistics offered are free to access and readily accessible.

A spokesperson for the police department stated that recent discussions about police transparency and accountability gaining more prominence prompted the move. In response, Dunwoody police said they developed an accessible and user-friendly web page that provides a comprehensive view of police practices.

Key features of the web page include annual reports on police use of force, complaints, overdose deaths, arrests, citations, and pursuits. Website users will have access to departmental policies, annual reports, turnover rates, and the demographics of the police department compared to our community, the news release states.

Information regarding the number of citations and types of citations issued by police, 911 call statistics, arrest data, and other statistics are available on the website. The data pages go in-depth on each statistic, providing information such as what type of crimes police officers used force to make arrests in and offers the Dunwoody Police Department manual on another page, according to the news release.

“We are thrilled to launch the Police Transparency and Data Sharing Initiative web page, which represents a major step towards continuing to build trust with our community and promoting transparency in law enforcement. This platform will empower citizens, promote dialogue, and enable our community to actively engage in the pursuit of justice,” said Dunwoody Police Chief Billy Grogan. “We hope this initiative will serve as a model for other jurisdictions and inspire positive changes nationwide.”

A department spokesperson said police plan to add other data points of interest in the future and that additional suggestions from citizens for the webpage are welcomed. To view the page, visit: www.dunwoodyga.gov/policetransparency.

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