Emergency stormwater repair ahead for Brookhaven

Multiple pipe failures within the city of Brookhaven have prompted city staff to expedite repairs to the water system, according to a press release from the city.

“This problem has been dozens of years in the making, and now it is a critical emergency,” said Brookhaven Public Works Director Hari Karikaran as he stood at the intersection of Inman Drive and Saybrook Drive. Nearby, a torrent of brackish water crossed the road, which made driving treacherous and walking almost impossible.

“There are very old pipes running under these roads and at least two of the larger ones are completely out of commission,” said Karikaran. “There is not a quick fix for this. These must be replaced.”

Karikaran is planning to submit an emergency purchase order for consideration at the Brookhaven City Council meeting on March 10, said the release.

“Now we are looking at a complete overhaul of the stormwater system at this location as soon as possible,” said Councilmember Linley Jones.

The repairs will include excavating the existing 24-inch and 12-inch pipes and replacing them with a single 36-inch pipe and headwalls on both sides of Inman Drive, according to the press release.  Additional drainage inlets will be installed to capture surface flow from all three directions.

High waters at the intersection of Inman Drive and Saybrook Drive in Brookhaven have prompted city staff to expedite pipe replacements in the area. Photo provided by city of Brookhaven

“This is one of the several aging drainage structures identified in our annual stormwater assessment and inspection program,” said Mayor John Ernst. “In addition to identifying the problems with our stormwater infrastructure and prioritizing to capital improvements, our public works department makes annual improvement recommendations to keep our drainage system functioning.”

During this time, Inman Drive and/or Saybrook Drive will be closed and detour signs will be posted, said the press release. The repairs are expected to begin on March 16 and last for three weeks.

“We appreciate the patience and understanding from residents in the immediate area as we get to the root of this problem.  This area has transitioned from an annoyance to a safety issue and we need to take care of it once and for all,” added Karikaran.


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