Extreme cold causes chaos

There’s no way around it – winter weather can wreak havoc here in the South. As temperatures plunge into single digits and meteorologists warn of snow flurries, two particularly harsh winters within the last decade in metro Atlanta come to mind.

“Where were you during Snowmageddon 2014?” is still a regular topic of conversation during this time of year. Although the metro-Atlanta area received less than 3 inches of snow on that late January day, the wintery mix combined with ice shut down the city and left motorists stranded for hours or days. Officials stated that the combined snow, icy rain and sleet through the southeast caused 180 people to be injured with at least two people confirmed to have died in the winter storm, according to information provided by The National Weather Service.

Then in 2022, local plumbers were inundated with emergency calls after pipes froze and burst throughout metro-Atlanta apartment and office buildings during the Christmas holiday. Temperatures dipped down to 8 degrees Fahrenheit and according to an Atlanta News First article, Georgia ranked No. 1 in the nation for paid State Farm insurance claims related to frozen pipes in 2022-23.

As prolonged warmer temperatures are not a certainty, The Champion encourages our readers to check out DeKalb County’s Emergency Management Agency’s website, which includes instructions on how to use the county’s CodeRED system. CodeRED provides rapid notification to residents and businesses regarding emergency events within DeKalb County. The county also has a self-reporting database called Crisis Track which allows residents to report damage assessed from severe, inclement weather within DeKalb County.

Visit https://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/dema/dekalb-emergency-management-agency for more information.


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