Fate of Stonecrest recycling plant delayed

DeKalb Superior Court Judge Tangela Barrie delayed rulings in a case between city of Stonecrest and a citizens activist group against Metro Green Recycling May 19.

Rulings on a temporary restraining order against Metro Green Recycling to halt its solid waste recycling development near a residential area in Stonecrest and a libel case against a citizens activist group and several competing motions regarding the development’s impact on its environment were not given at the May 19 hearing.

Barrie said she would review the information presented to her before handing out rulings at a date to be determined.

Metro Green’s Recycling’s development is a solid waste recycling center being built adjacent to the Miller Woods neighborhood and within two miles of Miller Grove High School and Miller Grove Middle School.

Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC) officials said Metro Green Recycling needed an approval letter from DeKalb County for its application to the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), but county officials said they revoked the request for being inconsistent with the county’s recycling plan.

However, Metro Green Recycling officials said they later received a letter of approval from the city of Stonecrest, and EPD officials used the letter from Stonecrest to grant Metro Green Recycling’s permit.

Metro Green Recycling needed a letter of approval from the host jurisdiction, but SELC officials argued that Stonecrest still receives recycling and sanitation from DeKalb County, and that the intergovernmental agreement means DeKalb County needed to issue to the permit.

Community members and SELC officials were hoping rulings would be given at the April 27 or May 19 motion hearings, but Barrie postponed the rulings on both dates. At the end of the May 19 hearing, Barrie said she has received all the information she needs and will study the facts and prepare rulings.

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