Georgia Kangaroos sign “most prolific player” in club history

The Georgia Kangaroos—a semi-pro basketball team based in Stonecrest—announced the signing of Lamous Brown Nov. 2.

Brown is a 7’-1” center with experience ranging from winning two high school state championships to playing in the NBA G League. Kangaroos Head Coach Brian Caswell called Brown, “the most prolific player we’ve ever signed.” 

“Lamous is 7’-1” and has played in the NBA G League and other pro leagues,” said Caswell. “He’s the most prolific player we’ve had on the court for the Kangaroos as far as size and history. He’ll be a good cornerstone piece, and we’re looking to fill in a lot of players around him. With him on the team, we have a lot of guys who want to come play for us.”

Caswell said Brown’s experience and attitude make him a valuable addition to the team and that the signing shows the Kangaroos progress toward becoming a destination rather than a steppingstone.

“It’s huge for us. We’re trying to create demand and demand comes from people wanting to watch players they know and good basketball,” Caswell explained. “He has a positive attitude, and you know he’s humble. A lot of guys are focused on the next level. Lamous is all about being the best player he can be today.”

According to Brown, he’ll be a lethal two-way player for the Kangaroos. Brown said he brings a defense-first mentality but also a versatile offensive presence to the team. However, Brown agreed with Caswell about Brown’s energy being his best asset.

“Energy is everything. Secondly, my leadership. Me being seven feet, I really stand out on the court. When you stand out on the court you have to show why,” said Brown. “I bring size, stability and versatility to the game.”

Defense is the center of Brown’s game, but he said he can do damage on both ends of the court.

Brown met with fans for autographs and pictures after the signing announcement.

“I’m a rim protector. I love defense,” added Brown. “Offense is gonna come. I feel like I’m unstoppable on both ends on the floor when my defense comes first.”

Caswell said the Kangaroos aren’t done signing new players. In fact, he said the team would be almost entirely new for the coming season—which begins Jan. 8.

The Kangaroos have a good reason to step up the level of play. According to Caswell, his team could potentially play in a league that features several broadcast games.

Signing talented players is essential for landing a broadcast deal, Caswell said, but also for competing in leagues that have enough talent to have games broadcast. Caswell added that Brown is a well-respected player who will attract other players on his level to the team.

Browns Mill Recreation Center in Stonecrest will also remain the home gym of the Kangaroos—as long as city officials continue to approve it—according to Caswell. He said the team hopes they can welcome a full crowd of fans back to the games in 2022.

“Hopefully, starting in 2022 all bets are off. We want to pack the house every game,” said Caswell.

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