Investigation costs DeKalb more than $23,000

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 On the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners official website, Ashlee Wright is still listed as the primary contact for Commissioner Gregory Adams.

However, it’s unlikely Wright will return to work for Adams after she accused the District 7 commissioner of sexual harassment.

The county paid Nelson Mullins Riley and Scarborough LLP $23,240 to investigate the allegations and concluded that Adams violated the county’s anti-harassment policy. The company suggested Adams attend sexual harassment training.
Former DeKalb County

District Attorney Robert James, who is representing Wright in her lawsuit against the county, said the county needs to do more than send Adams to sexual harassment training.

“We are pleased that they confirmed what we already knew, which is Adams violated the sexual harassment policy…a policy I am very familiar with,” James said. “We’re disappointed that they minimized what he did to my client. This is quintessential sexual harassment but [the investigation] says he wasn’t aggressive. We disagree and that’s why we have a judicial system. I’m disappointed in DeKalb. They had a chance to make this right.”

According to documents provided by the county and Nelson Mullins, Adams claimed that some of his behavior was due to a prescription medication.

While attending a conference in Savannah in April, Adams invited himself to Wright’s hotel room at 3 a.m. He also requested to see Wright in a bikini.

According to documents from the investigation, “Adams maintains that he had taken a [prescription drug] which he believes may have caused him to do or say things he would not normally. He asked Wright about the text and explained that he was on [prescription medication] and not in his right mind, to which Wright responded, ‘don’t worry about it commissioner; I know you’re playing.’”

Wright, who worked for former DeKalb County Commissioner Sharon Barnes-Sutton, is seeking a $750,000 from the county to settle out of court.

“I’m not a doctor and I’m not a psychiatrist. All I know is what the text message said. At 3:29 in the morning he sent a very detailed text message and while under the influence, he selected her number, choose to contact her and was clear enough to write a few sentences that was grammatically correct,” James said. “At some point, someone other than me will have to judge his veracity.”

Although the county’s independent investigation confirmed Adams violated DeKalb’s anti-harassment policy, Wright has not received an apology from Adams or any county official, James said.

“Ashlee Wright was harassed and was humiliated. We believe that’s worth more than him having to go to sexual harassment training,” James said.




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