Just a few more weeks

We’ve just experienced the coldest temperatures in several years followed by temperatures in the 60s and 70s just days after.

Weather in the South is erratic at best. We can have blue skies and sunshine one moment and in the next moment have thunderstorms or heavy rains.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac a winter weather event including snow is predicted for Feb. 10-12. We all know what even the smallest amount of snow can do to our region. We are not as well equipped for managing accumulated snow as are most of our northern neighbors. The Almanac also predicts that April and May will be warmer and wetter than normal. March is expected to be relatively calm as no major weather events are predicted.

If we think in terms of time, we really do only have a few more weeks of winter even though the official end of winter is not until March 19. I’ve already seen new growth on some of our ferns and irises that will likely be frost bitten before warm weather arrives for the summer. Soon, we will see the unofficial first sign of spring – the beautiful and varied daffodil or Jonquil will begin to emerge and dot our landscapes with fragrant shades of yellows and whites.

If the Almanac forecasts are accurate, we may have snow in a matter of days, but once that weather system has passed, we should have mild to warmer than average temperatures for the next few months.

One predicted winter weather event isn’t bad at all. So far this season, we’ve only really had a few days of extreme cold and we all need to have a reason to pull out our heavy winter coats at least once every year.

Let’s make it through February and welcome March and spring shortly thereafter.


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