Lary resigns as Stonecrest mayor

Jason Lary announced his retirement from his position as city of Stonecrest’s mayor Jan. 4 during his state of the city address. Lary said his resignation will go into effect Jan. 5 at 10 a.m.

Lary’s resignation comes amid a federal investigation into Stonecrest’s CARES Act distribution that charged Lary—the first mayor of Stonecrest—with wire fraud, conspiracy, and federal program theft. However, Stonecrest’s mayor asked community members to remember him based on the full story and not the ending.

“In closing, I ask that you all measure me by the whole story. I did the best I could do with what we had in place,” said Lary. “It’s time for me to retire from politics and really get focused on my health. As of tomorrow, which is January 5th, at 10 a.m. effective, I have resigned and will have resigned as mayor of Stonecrest.”

According to city of Stonecrest’s charter, the mayoral vacancy will be filled by a special election because it occurred more than 12 months before the next election.

During his announcement, Lary thanked his family and community members for supporting his time in office. He also talked about some of the initiatives Stonecrest has completed and ways the city grew.

“I’m proud to be the visionary; I am proud to be the leader. As we continue, I want to make sure that folks know that my family and I, we did the best that we could do. We really appreciate you allowing us to create this opportunity,” added Lary.

Lary also cited his frequent battles with cancer and his health as reasons for his resignation.

“Every leader has to make a decision about how far he or she can take an organization. I’ve given you all I can give. It’s difficult for anyone to fight cancer three times, and I had full blown COVID. You wake up in pain every morning. You toughen up, but even I have my limits.”

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