Letter to the Editor: The Georgia Promise Scholarship is a gamechanger in K-12 education

When I started T.H.R.I.V.E. Christian Academy in 2013 with just two first graders, I didn’t imagine that within a decade it would be a fully accredited K-12 school with over 300 thriving students.

While I’m proud of our work at T.H.R.I.V.E., and know that we’re empowering children to exceed their full potential, I believe our radical and tremendous growth is proof that parents are looking for alternative education options.

Kids are unique. They have different interests, abilities, gifts, and challenges; and what works well for one child may not work for another. Schools and educators have the burden of adapting instruction to fit the educational needs of each child while also empowering them towards success. Hence why education freedom is essential.

Senate Bill 233 (SB 233) not only allows low-performing and underfunded public-school students to transfer to other public schools outside their home districts, but also provides additional funding for schools in the bottom 25 percent. Most importantly, SB 233 creates a highly targeted Education Savings Account (ESA) pilot program, namely the Georgia Promise Scholarship, that empowers parents to strategically use their funding to ensure their child’s potential evolves into academic success. By putting the decision-making in the parents’ hands, each child can get exactly what he or she needs to thrive. Thanks to SB 233, Georgia parents now have the power to spend their voucher on private school tuition, home-schooling supplies, therapy, tutoring or even dual enrollment for their high schooler.

With SB 233, the students attending the lowest performing public schools are able to get a scholarship to attend an accredited school of their parents’ choosing. Based on the testimonies of students who have transferred to T.H.R.I.V.E., we can give account upon account of students and parents who have come to love their education freedom afforded by SB 10, the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship signed into law May 2007. Our 100 percent graduation and 100 percent college acceptance rates prove that the combination of education freedom funded by scholarships paired with passionate educators produces both scholars and good citizens. Parents of special needs children across Georgia have enjoyed having control over their children’s education and now this education freedom has been extended to parents of general education students as well.

This scholarship is the gamechanger to give access to funding for students to attend the best private schools and “thrive” beyond limits.

Dr. Monica S. Hall
Founder and Principal of T.H.R.I.V.E. Christian Academy in Tucker


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