Local couple connected to firearm ring

A firearms trafficking ring that was buying guns in Atlanta and smuggling them to the Dominican Republic was dismantled and two of the people sentenced were operating out of Lithonia, according to a news release from the United State’s Attorney’s Office.

“Firearms traffickers present an immediate danger to communities within and outside our district,” said U.S. Attorney Ryan Buchanan. “We are committed to working with our federal, state, local, and international partners to disrupt the illegal flow of firearms by identifying and prosecuting those who illegally purchase and traffic these weapons.”

According to Buchanan, the charges, and other information presented in court: In 2021, Jonathan Hiraldo Abreucontacted Cornel Rashard Miley to inquire about a firearm Miley advertised for sale. Hiraldo Abreu met Miley in Georgia to purchase the gun. Miley agreed that he and his wife, Charqweshia Sierra Miley, would acquire additional firearms for Hiraldo Abreu in exchange for a premium paid for each gun.

The Mileys repeatedly deceived licensed firearms dealers by falsely certifying that they were purchasing the firearms. Within less than seven months, they purchased at least 73 firearms for Hiraldo Abreu, all of which were Glock 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistols. Nine of the firearms that the Mileys purchased were later recovered during an X-ray inspection of a shipping container in the Dominican Republic, according to authorities.

Although the Mileys were Georgia residents when they bought guns for Hiraldo Abreu between November 2021 and April 2022, they relocated to Arizona in June 2022. Hiraldo Abreu paid the Mileys to fly back to Georgia so they could falsely claim Georgia residency and buy more guns for him in July 2022, officials said.

After returning to Arizona, the Mileys were arrested when officers observed them operating a vehicle with a fictitious license plate. The Mileys were armed, and a search of their vehicle uncovered more than 3,200 rounds of ammunition, nearly three dozen handgun magazines, and body armor, according to authorities.

Charqweshia Sierra Miley, 33, of Lithonia and Golden Valley, Arizona, and Cornel Rashard Miley, 31, were both sentenced to two years and three months in prison to be followed by two years of supervised release.



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